Tim Chavez CDF-FIRE

S-346 Situation Unit Leader

These links are supplemental information for S-346 Students. 

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Useful Downloads and Tools

Understanding Coordinate Systems and Projections

Links for Situation Unit Leader S-346:

ftp://ftp.nifc.gov/Incident_specific_data/   Main posting location for fire mapping data and products
http://gacc.nifc.gov/oscc/ South Ops Predictive Services Page
http://www.firemodels.org/ Software Applications
http://www.fs.fed.us/eng/rsac/ Remote Sensing Applications
http://nirops.fs.fed.us/index.html  National Infrared Program Home Page
http://fam.nwcg.gov/fam-web/  the home of the 209, WIMS and Pocket Cards
http://www.wfas.us/content/view/16/31/  Wildland Fire Assessment System
http://www.geomac.gov/  Geospatial Multi-agency Coordination
ftp://geomac.gov/outgoing  add perimeters to GEOMAC
http://gis.nwcg.gov/gstop/ Geospatial Task Group- home of the Standard   Operating Proceedures for fire mapping--Get the GSTOP
http://nirops.fs.fed.us/reports     Curren IR Users Guide & Vendor listings
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SoCalFire/    Subscribe this site to your pager or phone for minute to minute updates
http://wlfhotlist.com/forum.php        The Hot List  
https://twitter.com/#!/WLFIA_CA_HI Wildland Fire Hotlist IA California on Twitter
  http://www.fireimaging.com/homepage.html   Experimental Fire Mapper- CHECK IT OUT
  http://firedata.cr.usgs.gov/   Order GIS data online for FREE
http://www.predictiveservices.nifc.gov/intelligence/intelligence.htm        Intel Training - many good links on the 209, etc. 
http://geo.arc.nasa.gov/sge/WRAP/CDE.html  Collaborative Decision Environment for Google Earth- including weather, NIROPS requests and fire perimeters from GEOMAC--GET IT
http://public.nics.ll.mit.edu/nicshelp/  Next Generation ICS (NICS) Web based training
https://nics.ll.mit.edu/sadisplay/login.seam  Login to the live NICS system
EAGLE VISION sattelite data  https://evr2est.us/   
http://www.srh.noaa.gov/ridge2/fire/    National Fire Weather Page
California Fire Weather Operating Plan
http://raws.fam.nwcg.gov/      National RAWS program page
http://www.nws.noaa.gov/gis/  GIS and Google Earth Weather Data
Land Navigation and GIS
http://gis.nwcg.gov/ Geospatial Task Group
http://www.terraserver.com/ Terraserver maps and photos
http://earth.google.com/  Google Earth-  GET IT
Incident Records Retention Guidelines:
http://www.esri.com/industries/public-safety/wildland-fire-management/index.html  ESRI Wildland FIre Support  -  Note the Disaster Assistance Link on the left

No plan survives contact with the enemy-
Von Molke

Tim Chavez
Fire Captain
San Jacinto Forest Fire Station
Riverside Ranger Unit
California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection