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Prayerwalking: Give it a try this FALL!


God is stirring us to take our prayers beyond the walls of our church buildings to see our neighbors as He sees them. As we put feet to our prayers, we’re beginning to pray with huge kingdom-sized hope. Prayerwalking is simply praying in the very places that we expect God to bring forth His answers. The prayers are intercessory--on behalf of others, bringing their needs before the Lord as if they were our own.


Prayerwalking : Why?

Praying for others will help us keep alert to the ways that we might be able to demonstrate God’s love in practical, tangible ways in our community. As you walk through doors that God opens to display His love, we hope you’ll discover a growing sense of adventure, compassion and mission with God.

As you walk and pray you will be a person of secret influence; interceding to the Father, in the name of the Son, with the Holy Spirit to the One who works where no man can work, who accomplishes tasks beyond man’s ability to accomplish, and who gains glory where man sees no glory. God will respond to your intercessions, not because He has to, but because He has chosen to do so.


Prayerwalking : Getting Started 

      Form a team of two or three. One person’s wisdom reinforces another person’s vision, resulting in more solid, confident praying. God honors the prayers of 2 or 3 together.

      Pray together first. Invite the Spirit of God to accompany you, guiding your steps and your words.

      Ask God to give you an open mind and a receptive spirit so that you might be a more effective prayerwalker during your prayer journey.

      Pray with your eyes open, sensitive to that which might prompt prayer.


      Pray out loud.


      Keep casual conversation to a minimum. Stay centered on Christ and a spirit of prayer.


      It’s OK to stop and discuss what you are feeling, where to go next, what prayers should be lifted.


      Make your prayers as specific as possible.


      Pray believing God will answer.


      Follow and reinforce prayers of other team members before changing the subject of prayer.


      Carry a small Bible or note cards. Read Scripture aloud. God breathed it and loves to bless it.


      Use scripture in your prayer - either direct quotes or paraphrases.


      You may choose a particular verse or theme as a base for your prayers.


      Don’t be afraid of silence. It is OK to walk and pray silently for a time.


    Be attentive during moments of silence; allow the Holy Spirit to help you see with His eyes and pray in accordance with His heart.


      Stop for more intense prayer as the occasion calls for it.


      Pray for the present-hour needs of people and places that you see.


      Smile and be pleasant to people you meet. God may be working in their life. Pray for them.


     Explain what you are doing if people ask: "We are praying God's blessing on the neighborhood. Are there specific ways we can pray for you or others?"


      It is OK if prayerwalking feels awkward at first.


      As you finish, discuss – or even write down – the prayers, people, and places of most importance.

     Be persistent. Try prayerwalking the same areas near your work, school, or home in a regular way. You'll often find that your prayers deepen and your oncern and awareness of God's heart for people increase.

Prayerwalking : What to Pray For 
        *Pray for discernment -- Seek the gift of seeing the community through Christ's "lens," and to discern what God is already doing there; ask God to show you how you can pray with greater insight for the people, events, and places in the community. 


        *Pray for blessing – Pray over every person, home, and business you encounter; for God's intervention in each life, so that each one can be fruitful in God's kingdom; and for God's will to be done in this community "as it is in heaven" (Matthew 6:10).


        *Pray with empathy -- See and feel what residents live with every day; offer intercession for those things that express brokenness and grieve God's spirit, and give thanks to God for the blessings and gifts that exist in the community.


        *Pray in God's power -- Allow times of silence for God's spirit to speak to you, or through you (Romans 8:26). Ask with confidence in the power of Jesus' name (John 14:12-14). Like the disciples sent out by Christ, we are empowered to push back the darkness (Luke 10:17-18).

Prayerwalking : More Ideas (adapted from a Prayerwalk by Sharon Stewart)

 As you walk, let the…

Street signs and billboards remind you to pray that people will seek God’s direction for their lives.

Houses remind you to pray for stable homes built on Christ.

Cars remind you to pray against materialism and other care of this world this world that choke out the Word of God.

Intersections cause you to pray that God will bring turning points into people’s lives.

Churches remind you to pray for the people and work of God, that the church will be a bright light and salty salt to those that serve false gods. (Matthew 5:13-16)

Government Buildings prompt you to pray for uprightness and justice in government institutions, agencies, and officials.

Schools prompt you to pray for children to know Jesus loves them.

Trees and Plants remind you to pray that people will be rooted and built up in Christ, growing to maturity, and bearing fruit in every good work. (Col. 1:10, 2:7)

Gates prompt you to pray for open doorways for the Gospel.

Drug Stores and medical offices prompt you to pray that people will seek God and ask Him to reveal Himself to them to heal them from the inside out.

Prayerwalking : Using Scripture Verses

Pray using scripture verses as you walk. Here are a few to consider:

Matthew 18:19-20
Isaiah 41:13

Psalm 108:5.

Psalm 46:10

Habakkuk 1:5

Matthew 5:14-16

1 Timothy 2:1-3 

2 Chronicles 7:14 

I Thessalonians 5:17 

Romans 8:38-39

John 12:46 

Romans 8:26 


Prayerwalking  has GOD as its author...

JESUS as its leader...

THE HOLY SPIRIT as its enabler...

and Kingdom purposes as its ends.

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