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                                    -MISSION FOCUS-

Upcoming Events

Beyond the Stained Glass: The Church Sent into the World World Mission Initiatives Conference meets Fiday and Saturday, April 4 and 5 at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Check it out at http://www.worldmissioninitiative.org/index.php/initiatives/wmi-conference.

Beyond the Stained Glass:  Workshop Options

(1) BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING- Julie Clawson.  Through an exploration of justice as the heart of biblical worship, this workshop seeks to move the conversation beyond the often confusing and overwhelming rhetoric about justice.  We will look at the honest struggle God’s people had in regards to seeking justice while at the same time discussing doable everyday ways we all can use the blessings God has given us to bless others by making justice a part of our lives.

(2) THE PALESTINIAN AND ARAB CHRISTIAN CHURCH HAS BEEN THERE SINCE PENTECOST - Rev. Fahed Abu Akel.   Did you know there are 15 million Arab Christians in the Middle East?  Did you know that the PCUSA has been doing mission since 1823?   Did you know that Presbyterians are the largest Protestant denomination with more than 750,000 members and the majority are in Egypt? Come and learn about your mission work.

(3) INTERNATIONAL MISSION AT OUR DOORSTEPS - Rev. Fahed Abu Akel.   Did you know that in 1955 we had 35,000 international students in the USA, but today we have more than 700,000 international students from 190 nations?  In this workshop you will learn two models to begin this ministry in your congregation.

(4) HOLY CONVERSATION - Richard Peace. Many of us don't know how to talk about our faith. We are afraid of being offensive or saying something wrong. We simply don't know how to express our faith naturally--in everyday language. This workshop will explore ways to naturally share the good news of Jesus with others.


Jannie Swart, Professor of Mission and Evangelism at PTS.  This workshop will explore a training model for helping congregations move beyond the stained glass into their neighborhoods so that they can discern their participation in God's mission in their own communities.

(6) CAN WE REALLY BE FRIENDS WITH MUSLIMS? - Bill Young, Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship.   Many communities today have received Muslim immigrants.  Christians often react with fear, especially when they hear mosques may be built.  Or they wonder if these are terrorists coming into our midst.  How are we to view Muslims among us, and how can Christians reach out in ways that are faithful to our understanding of the gospel?

(7) WORSHIP AND MISSION: TWO VALVES OF THE SAME HEART- Paul Detterman, Presbyterians for Renewal.   Many followers of Jesus presume that "worship" is an event and "mission" is a program.  Both are incorrect assumptions. The result for many congregations is a twisted set of priorities, a goofy metric for evaluating effectiveness, and frustration when "nothing seems to be working..."  Christ-honoring worship is not designed to attract people to your church.  It can be a teasing

taste of God's Kingdom that helps begin to answer the question,

"Does following Jesus really make a difference?"   

(8) TAKING YOUR MISSION TRIP TO THE NEXT LEVEL- FROM PROJECTS TO PARTNERSHIP- Marilyn Borst, The Outreach Foundation Associate Director.   Despite the controversies around cost and effectiveness that often surround the topic of short term mission, the Global Church welcomes our presence! This workshop will highlight WHY mission trips still matter and will also look at aspects of preparing a team: spiritually, culturally, practically. Balanced planning, risk management, and the role of the team leader will also be covered. 

(9) PARTNERING IN MISSIONARY CARE- Revs. Drs.  John & Anne Wheeler-Waddell, The Antioch Partners.   Encouraging and supporting people in the long term cross-cultural service calls for communities of care.  Sending churches play a key role.  In this workshop we will share together practical ways of supporting those we send in mission.

(10) CRITICAL GLOBAL ISSUE: EVANGELISM- Haemin Lee, PC(USA) Catalyst for International Evangelism.  God calls us to share our stories of faith.  Faithful discipleship in a globalized world requires us to strengthen our capacity to witness to God's love in Jesus.  Training pastors for community transformation is a key strategy in this effort.

(11) NEW EXPRESSIONS OF CHURCH- Vera White, PC(USA) 1001 New Worshiping Communities.  The great theologian Bob Dylan reminds us, “The times they are a changing.”  Sometimes the church has been slow to get the message.  But there is plenty of evidence out there that the Holy Spirit is up to something amazing.  New expressions of church are springing up in the unlikeliest places.  In this workshop you will have an opportunity to learn about new worshiping communities and explore how you can become a part of this Holy Spirit movement.  


UNCHURCHED- Rev. Jeff Eddings, Hot Metal Faith

Community.   Join members of the Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community as they share reflections and stories about what happens when you turn a former bar into a community space that also happens to be a church.


Kenneth Bailey, New Testament Author and Scholar.   In this seminar we will look at Mark 6 where Jesus faces traumatized “sheep without a shepherd.”  Following that we will examine

Matthew 18 that deals with those “who went astray,” and finally

John 10 with its “other sheep not of this fold.”


GREEN- Revs BJ Woodworth &John Creasy, The Open Door.   We are called beyond spaces conceived of and lived in as "the church" (yellow) and space conceived of and lived in as

"the world" (blue).  We must create GREEN spaces that blur and co-mingle these historically separated spaces; they are spaces that embrace both the individual and communal, contemplation and action, religious and non-religious and foster dialogue, partnership and transformation.  Consider the theological framework for GREEN spaces and practical suggestions and stories from their own context as church planters.


Noelle Conover, Rena & Bob Ralsto, Mt. Lebanon United Presbyterian Church.   Focusing on Matthew 19:26, “Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible,” the Holy Spirit led our congregation to those in need right in our community. Although many were "home repair" projects, we quickly realized it was more about building relationships and showing love to our neighbors than fixing up their house.  We will share stories and a guide other churches can use to discern God’s leading for their own church’s Mission Possible!


EXPERIENCING CHRIST THROUGH YOUTH MISSION- Rev. Chris Dericks, Associate Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Murrysville.   More than ever before, youth are drawn to a church that serves. In this seminar, we will be discussing how mission can facilitate spiritual growth, and ultimately shape the youth of our culture, by helping them to understand and experience Christ on a deeper level. Youth are challenged to grow when they are brought out of their spiritual comfort zone and into the world to share Jesus’ love. 

(17) SITE UNSEEN: CHURCH WEBSITE OUTREACH- Jim Downey & Derek Davenport, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Your church can reach beyond its walls through internet presence.  In this session we will explore some best (and worst) practices for church websites.  At the conclusion of this session you will have a number of practical tools to help your website accurately reflect your ministry and accomplish your goals.

(18) SERVING THE CITY: PARTNERSHIPS FOR LASTING IMPACT- Derrick Weston, Director, The Pittsburgh Project.  The Pittsburgh Project has been around for 28 years, serving over 1700 low income homeowners and nearly as many urban kids over the course of that time. This is only possible through partnerships with churches that have a heart for service and a willingness to learn how they can have a positive impact on the lives of those in the city. This workshop will discuss what churches need to know before they begin doing missional activity in an urban center and what kinds of activities have the deepest impact on those who are most vulnerable in the city. 


Ongoing Events
Loaves and Fishes is asking for food and monetary donations. This ministry (located at 393 West Cornell Road and Route 58, three miles north of Mercer) feeds between 400-500 people who live in the Mercer School District. Food donations may be placed on the table outside the church office; monetary donations may be sent to the church office or placed in the offering plate with the notation "Loaves and Fishes" written on the envelope. (Click on the "Loaves & Fishes" link on the Mission Focus tab at the top of this page.)


Mission Committee Meetings If you are interested in the work of the Trinity Mission Committee this year, you are welcome to come to the meetings at 7 p.m. on selected Wednesdays. Watch the bulletin, newsletter, and the website for specific dates or call the church office at 724-662-2680.


Prayer Shawl Ministry All are welcome to meet at 6:30 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of the month January through October in Tait Hall (ground level, main building). Bring yarn and a size 11 or 13 knitting needle or a size M, N, or P crochet hook.


2014 Work Days at Camp Lambec and Westminster Highlands There are four designated work Saturdays each year, two at Camp Lambec and two at Westminster Highlands. Anyone can participate in projects for the skilled and projects for those with willing hands. Lunch and fellowship are provided! The dates for Lambec are May 3 and September 27; dates for Highlands are May 17 and October 11. Time: 9:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. More information is at http://capnwp.org

New Wilmington Mission Conference A world-renown conference in our back yard July 19-26, 2014. This Presbyterian mission conference is directed towards those aged 12-24, but offers something for everyone. All ages are encouraged to attend. Trinity pays half of the entire fee based on the amount due with early registration May 1st  Info and registration forms at www.nwmcmission.org Future conference dates are July 18-25, 2015 and July 23-30, 2016 at Westminster College. 


Expanding Our Awareness Help us expand our awareness of what God is doing in the world and in our neighborhoods. If you see God at work, perhaps you'd like to share it. Is there an area of ministry you think will help us gain awareness? Drop a note in the mission mailbox located outside the church office or in the offering plate. (For suggestions, click on the "Helping Our Community" link on the Mission Focus tab at the top of this page.)

Travel Opportunities to Experience Another Culture
   *World Mission Initiative   

   *Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship


   *The Outreach Foundation www.theoutreachfoundation.org/trips/ 

   *Shenango Presbytery
http://shenangopresbytery.wordpress.com/mission/  (Contact for info on local church trips.)


Global Endeavors Supported by Trinity Church  
*Lisa Wagstaff   www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/missionconnections/wagstaff-leisa/  is a PC(USA) mission worker in South Sudan training teachers.

*Rev. Steve and Brenda Stelle  www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/missionconnections/stelle-stephen-and-
  are PC(USA) mission workers in Ethiopia. Brenda is teaching English in a school, and Steve is training pastors.    

*Rev. Dr. Victor and Sara Bailey Makari are serving in Bethlehem, Israel where they are involved in peacemaking, editing and building relationships.

*Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship's
www.pff.net  mission is to mobilize congregations to participate with God in bringing good news of the kingdom into cultures where the church has yet to take root. PFF staffer Denise Scuito (denises@pff.net) is our local representative.

*One Great Hour of Sharing
http://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/specialofferings/discover-impact-one-great-hour-sharing/  handles disaster response, refugee assistance and resettlement, and community development where needed in the world.

*World Mission Initiative www.worldmissioninitiative.org is a fellowship of Presbyterians is dedicated to developing mission vision, nurturing missionary vocations, and cultivating missional congregations and exists to help Christians understand how God is at work in the world and how they can share in that work. WMI is located at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

*SAT 7 www.sat7.org/en is Christian programming reaching out to the Middle East and North Africa via satellite. There are five channels (SAT-7 ARABIC, SAT-7 PARS, SAT-7 KIDS, SAT-7 PLUS and SAT-7 TÜRK) that show viewers God’s love, give local churches in the region a satellite TV platform to educate and encourage their communities, combat misconceptions about the Christian faith in the region, work inter-denominationally, and foster bridges of understanding with the much larger non-Christian majority.

*INew Wilmington Mission Conference www.nwmcmission.org is a week-long, multi-generational Presbyterian Church (USA)-related mission conference meets on the campus of Westminster College in nearby New Wilmington. The focus is on those ages 12 to 24, but all ages are welcome. Last year 800+ people from 31 states and 19 countries were registered and 1,000 local people came to hear speakers.


Local Endeavors Supported by Trinity Church
* Grove City Area Meals on Wheels.
* Prison Chapel Committee.
* Loaves and Fishes
* Christmas Eve Offering for Local Needs.
* Trinity Christmas Project.
* Children’s Aid Society Christmas Project
* East End Fire Department.
* Backpack for Hungry Kids Program
* Various emerging local needs.
Note:The New Mariners adult Sunday school class also support various local and area missions. (Contact class treasurer Judy Arnold for a current listing.)

Mission Devotion Ideas

The "unreached" or "unengaged" people groups are ethnic groups who have never heard the Good News of Christ.

iUnreached Peoples of the World comes to your inbox or e-phone every day. It includes a scripture focus, photo, map, basic information, and prayer suggestions for the day's group of unreached people. Sign up online for this FREE information: www.unreachedoftheday.org/unreached-signup.php

The Global Prayer Digest is a monthly devotional that contains missionary stories, biblical challenges and portraits of unreached peoples that will enrich your times of prayer for the world and help you cultivate a heart for the unreached. The e-mail subscription is FREE at www.globalprayerdigest.org; a 12-month subscription to a booklet edition is $12.

Mission Yearbook for Prayer and Study  is a daily devotional of 365 mission stories and prayers -- one from each Presbytery. Copies available at the Shenango Presbytery office or online at www.pcusa.org