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Here's a list of books containing significant information on Jefferson Airplane or the sixties music scene in San Francisco.

Somebody to Love? A Rock-and-Roll Memoir. Grace Slick with Andrea Cagan, Warner, New York, 1998. 370 pp., some B&W photos, and Grace's illustrations.

It's quite good, if you're an Airplane fan you'll enjoy it. Should still be in the stores. I don't know it it will be available in paperback.

Grace Slick - The Biography. Barbara Rowes, Doubleday, New York, 1980. 215 pp., 16pp. photos (b&w).

Out of print. Hard to find.

The Jefferson Airplane and the San Francisco Sound. Ralph J.Gleason. New York, Ballantine Books, 1969. 340 p.

Out of print. I have never seen it; try Record Conventions, if you don't mind paying "Collector's" prices.

The following books contain significant information relating to Jefferson Airplane, or to the members thereof.

Summer of Love. Joel Selvin, Plume/Penguin, New York, 1994. 376 pp., 8 pp. photos (b&w).

This one is still in the bookstores. A general account of the music scene in and around San Francisco, 1965-1972. There's plenty here on Jefferson Airplane.

Don't You Want Somebody to Love: Reflections on the San Francisco Sound. Darby Slick. SLG Books, Berkeley CA, 1991. 128 p., b&w photos, color reproductions of Great Society concert posters.

Darby Slick's autobiographical account of his musical development, the Great Society, and the San Francisco scene in general. This book is a little difficult to find; try Tower Records if you have one in your area.

How I spent my summer vacation; or I was a commie dupe for the Sandinistas. Paul Kantner. Little Dragon Press, San Francisco, CA, 1987. 113 p., illustrations.

Paul Kanter's Nicaragua diary. Not currently available.

Bill Graham Presents - My Life Inside Rock and Out. Bill Graham and Robert Greenfield, Delta/Dell, New York, 1992. 568 pages, 16 pp. b&w photos.

There's really not too much here on Jefferson Airplane, even though Bill Graham was their de facto manager in 1967. It may not still be in print, but I've seen it in used bookstores lately, and in Tower Records.

San Francisco nights : the psychedelic music trip, 1965-1968. Gene Sculatti and Davin Seay, St. Martins Press, 1985, 192 pp.

Also out of print. I haven't read it, but others on 2400Fulton have recommended it.

Readers from 2400Fulton offered the following additions and comments on the above booklist

From: Jelly    jelly@THEBIGJ.DEMON.CO.UK
Subject: Re: JA Bibliography
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 14:55:34 +0000

I'll pitch in a couple of less Airplane-orientated but still interesting

PETE FRAME      The Complete Rock Family Trees
                (Omnibus Press London/NY/Sydney 1993)
                ISBN 0 7119 3449 5
                60 pages plus index

Pete Frame's Rock Family Trees are a fascinating source of information
about who played for whom and when, and what albums they released. Each
13" x 18" page is dedicated to a band or scene; there are three here of
primary interest: "Nine Airplanes and Four Starships" (compiled in June
1978) "San Francisco 1" (Big Brother, Sons of Champlin and Moby Grape,
compiled April 1979) and "San Francisco 2" (Country joe & the Fish,
Steve Miller, Quicksilver MS, Terry and the Pirates etc, (compiled
Apr/May 1979). 

PAUL D. GRUSHKIN        The Art Of Rock
                        (Abbeville Press NY 1987)
                        ISBN 0-89659-584-6
                        516 pages

A history of rock poster art, heavily biased towards the late 60s.

      Adrian M. Johnson    EMail:           |

From: dler@MINK.MT.ATT.COM
Subject: Re: JA Bibliography
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 12:24:32 -0500

Re:      The Jefferson Airplane and the San Francisco Sound.
         Ralph J.Gleason. New York, Ballantine Books, 1969.
         340 p.

Hey, I'm in the middle of reading this book now. Hal Broome lent me
this book last time I was at his house. It is a very spacey book, I almost
experienced flashbacks reading it. Mr. Gleason interviews each member of the
JA, circa 1969. The answers to his questions are really far out, but not when
you think of what the band was like in 1969. I'm on the chapter that is on
Jack (real name John) Casady.

Hal said he found it at some local (CA) book sale for 50 cents.
If you all can get a copy, do so. I'd like my own copy someday too.

Dave Lerner

From: Jay Reeg  reeg@MROA.ENET.DEC.COM
Subject: From the 1968 Museum....
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 1996 14:52:31 EST

1. Check out ELECTRIC TIBET, by James Doukas, published in April, 1969 but long
   out of print, for a great version of the 60s/SF scene... cover features a
   way cool color picture of Jack Casady, with NO other Airplane members!!!
  Last chapter is called "post-1968."

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