Introducing Delta  




I'd like to introduce you to my new baby Chocolate Lab.  She was born 11/12/2002.

Her name is Delta.  I chose this name for both my hobby of woodworking and because of my love of the South.

She looks like such a little angle here.  Boy, is she fooling you!

Since she will be the "shop dog" she is trying to learn all she can with her close proximity to my woodworking books.

Whoops!  Guess she's absorbed all she can for today.

She loves our small yard.  She seems to exhibit an early flair for gardening.  She proves this by the number to dead flowers she's chewed!

She's a quick learner and often brings the ball back when asked to do so.  She's also an excellent teacher, as she's taught me to fetch the ball for HER!

"How about a game of tug of war?"


Picture of innocence!

"Why in the world did she stick a rhinestone collar on me?"

"Will you please stop flashing that bright light in my face and let me sleep?!!!"

"Aren't I cute?"

"Too cute!"

"I've gotten taller."

"I love playing tug.  Particularly with something I'm not supposed to have in my mouth, like a hand!"







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