One of my friends wanted a doll bed for her daughter's American Girl Doll.  I looked around on the web and didn't find any plans so I made my own.  Here's my result.





Here is what I came up with.  I "dressed" up the bed with rope trim molding, the pony, and horseshoes from the craft store.  I bought the little pre-made box at that same craft store and added a tiny pony and cut some rope trim to tie it in with the bed. 



A close-up of the head board and posts.  I used a router with a roman ogee bit on the front of the headboard.  I clamped a piece of scrap to each side first to help with stopping the cut at the end of the top curve.  I experimented with some scrap first to get the profile I wanted and to get the placement of the "stops" correct.  You can see how I set the bit high enough that it shaped each surface of the board in the picture below.



A detail shot of the foot board, post and ball assembly.  The balls had holes in them already and a flattened bottom, so I just needed to mark the center of the posts and drill a hole about 3/4" deep through top.  I measured the depth of the hole in the ball and added that to the measurement of 3/4" and cut 5/8" diameter dowels to that length.  I scored them lenghtwise with my Dremel so the glue would hold better and not squeeze out.



Shows the wheels I added for "feet", and you can see the cleats for the mattress board from the underneath.  I sanded the part of the wheel that stood a bit "proud" and attached the wheel with one screw through a pre-drilled hole with the sanded area next to the post.



This shows you the "cleats" to rest the mattress board on.



Here it is after assembly and prior to stainingI used MinWax stain.  A light colored stain (oak) for the trim and darker colored stain (maple) for the rest.





I used pine as it's what I had on hand.  Use the wood of your choice.



Head board...............1 piece 7" X 14"

Foot board................1 piece 4" X 14"

Rails.........................2 pieces 1 7/8" X 22"

Foot board Posts.......2 pieces 1 1/4" X 7 1/2"

Head board Posts......2 pieces 1 1/4" X 11 1/2"

Cleats........................2 pieces 13", 2 pieces 22"

Bed board..................1 piece thin luan 13 7/8" X 21 7/8"

Balls & Wheels.........4 pieces each 1 1/4" diameter







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