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Here's a variety of woodworking projects connected to my gardening. They are made of pressure treated lumber and stained with two shades of Cuprinol. All the projects other than the Pyramid for the morning glories are of my own design.





This photo has nothing to do with woodworking other than the logs surrounding it.  I just wanted to show off my new flowerbed.  



Here's another shot showing the pyramid (in the flower bed on the left) I built for my Morning Glories to climb.  



A close up of the Pyramid with Morning Glories climbing it.  It is the first project I made from "plans" and was almost harder than some of my own designs.  It is from the  May 2001 issue of Birds & Blooms.  



This is a trellis I built for some Clematis a neighbor gave me.  I hope that next year the vine will grow and cover the lattice.  

Here are two similar trellises in the back yard garden, also for Clematis to climb.  I cut back the limbs on the walnut tree to the left and am hoping for bigger vines next year.

This shows the 3 scrolled plant hangers I made for my front porch posts.


I used yellow pine for the "scrolled" part and salt treated for the hanger section.  The scrolled part is stained with Cedar Cuprinol, the hanger with Mahogany.  There's a slot I made in the hanger to receive the scroll.  I did that with the drill press and cleaned up the edges with my new chisels.  

This is one of two planters I have on my deck for Begonias.  It's joined with biscuits and TiteBond II.  


I bought this bike planter and after a few weeks outside the "box" literally fell apart, so I built a new one.  If you look closely you can see that the baby robin likes it.





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