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Here's my "remodeled" front yard.  It was a time consuming project that took the better part of May & June.  One reason it took so long is that when the temperature  went into the 90's my work output level dropped proportionately.  In other words my breaks in the shade to cool down became lengthier to prevent me dropping dead in one of the beds. 




I built this arbor from pressure treated lumber and stained it with 2 different shades of gel stain.  If you look closely you can see the bean vines that have started growing on it.  There are some sweet pea vines in there too.  The big plant at the base is a Moonflower.  


Many thanks to Don Firth who gave me many tips and whose arbor was the initial inspiration for mine.

To view his site Click::


Another view to show how it has become the entrance to the garden.  

This is my 36' X 4' rose garden.  The bed had rotting mini-picket fence for a border that I replaced with landscaping logs.  They were a real challenge to get lined up straight.

A shot to show the "big picture".  I finally got my Japanese Maple, which you can see, in the very front of the rose bed.  


This is a view from the other side and shows how I put logs around the mailbox.    

I transplanted 4 rose bushes from the back yard around it as they weren't doing well in those beds.  They're pretty rough looking right now, but hopefully they'll be in full bloom by next spring.  


This is a close-up to show my pampas grass just behind the mailbox logs.  It has a rock border.  There's another clump of pampas on the other side of the driveway that doesn't show too well in this shot.





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