These are small indoor reindeer made from scrap luan plywood, cut on the scroll saw, and sprayed with gold paint.

Here's a Halloween decoration, made from left over plywood.  The pumpkin grooves were scored with a Dremel.  We used craft paint, which works real well on outdoor projects.

A small black cat with gold glitter paint eyes.  More scrap ply used up.
The same with the bat, only red glitter glue.

A bed for my friend's daughter for her American Girl doll.  The plan for it is on my plans page.  I bought the box at Michael's and added rope trim to it.  It is for the doll's toys.

A co-worker wanted her and her husband's names scrolled to hang over the door.

Pine frames for my tin signs.  The joints are half-lap and the finish is created by hitting the wood lightly with a butane torch and then rubbing with a green sanding pad.



Cat and mouse window/door sitter silhouettes.
Christmas ornament made from luan plywood.  A square piece of felt is glued to the back so a picture of the receivers' dog can be inserted.  I used the clear plastic from a presentation binder for the 'glass'.
A plaque with a friends favorite saying.
A mouse with a piece of cheese.  Pattern by Steve Good.  A great way to use up those scraps.
A relief cut nativity scene.  Made from pine, the 4 objects are stained a contrasting color.
More Christmas ornaments using scrap luan.
I made a couple of floating shelves for nicnaks in the living room.

A simple pine shelf for the mermaid.

Shelves for the piggies.  It has a bead board back and is made from pine.  Looks like I should have made it bigger.

Blow dryer holders from pine.  Easy to make and long overdue.

Pig puzzle for niece.  Cut from pine and painted with craft paint.  I realized after making these puzzles that I should have used hardwood instead of pine.

Cow puzzle for neice.  Cut from pine and painted with craft paint.
Duck puzzle for neice.  Cut from pine and painted with craft paint.

A bookcase made for a friend.  The sides and shelves were recycled from a home made entertainment center I took down.

Reindeer from pine.  The butane torch was used to "stain" them for a nice rustic look.

Entwined hearts from from Baltic Birch ply.
Pen and pad holder.  Pig scrolled in pine.  Pad holder is from oak.
Valentine's candy dish.  Pattern by Sheila Landry. 
Raised step herb garden.  No more bending!  Yay.  This area was mainly made with recycled boards.



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