A 3D chocolate lab from more leftovers.  All this one cost me was the pattern and the paint.  I have a chocolate lab and this one has fooled me many times.

A niche for St. Francis.  I know he's happy that the birds are no longer pooping on his head.

These types of yard ornaments sell for $80 or more.  I figured I could make them for a lot less.  I only had to buy one landscaping log and 2 solar lights.  I found clipart I liked on the web and enlarged it with poster software.

They were painted with Folk Art craft paint, sold at Michaels or Wal-Mart or most any craft store.  I used spray paint for the bodies and 'blended' the different shades together.

I saw something similar to this for sale in a catalog for some crazy price.  I rounded up some more scraps and voila!  I used metal shish kabob skewers which I cut to desired length and ground the ends smooth to hold the apple.

Butterfly house from scraps.  No tenants yet.  ;o(

A storage cabinet for the deck for grill and deck use supplies.  It's made from T11 with a pine frame.  I always stained outdoor projects in the paste, but the stain did not hold up well for more than a couple of years.  I painted this project with exterior latex to match my sheds as my one shed is 15 years old and still 'hanging' in there.

More scraps used up.  The only thing I had to buy for the wishing well was some black ribbon for fake metal banding and shingles for the roof.  When I made my first bucket I used metal banding.  It was awkward to use and got rusty.  The ribbon looks like metal from a distance and was easy to staple on.

Bird house for the wren that visits yearly.
Here's the cart I made to hold my Band Saw and Air Compressor.  Due to limited shop space my carts have to do double duty.
An over the door frame "sitter" for dog lovers.
An owl puzzle for a friend.  Look close for the babies.
A scroll sawn clock for my son who loves to surf.
Pine cabinet for the bathroom to hold "essentials".  My first time making raised panels.  
A little "porch kitty" with that country look.  Just trying to be "crafty".
This oscillating spindle/belt sander is a much appreciated addition to the shop.  Inside the cart are sanding accesories and a bunch of Dremel equipmant, etc.  
This is for crafts, sewing, stained glass, what have you. The left side is table height to sit down and work, the right is counter height to stand and work. 
It has 6 drawers for supplies. Itíis the first time I made drawers. I used Pocket Holes and glue. The legs, frame, drawer faces are from white pine, the top and cabinet is from shop grade maple.
I finished the rocking horse for my niece in time for Christmas. Sigh! I combined two free patterns I saved from the web. 
Made from white pine that I bought by mistake, so that turned out well. I finished it in bright colors, trying for a My Little Pony look.
These are both true "one ofs".  My friend has these big rainsticks that she just leaned against the wall and sometimes they fell over.  Super Vic to the rescue!  She likes the moon & star theme.  Hence one star rainstick holder and one moon rainstick holder.                             
Name sign out of recycled pine for my dog loving friends.

For my friends who got married last year.

I wanted to make 2 benches for a friend and her Mother. I stumbled across C. Niels YouTube 5 board bench and knew that was it. I watched his video and got my dimensions and his antiquing tips. I got the nails at Rockler. I used white pine with Minwax Pre-conditioner, Colonial Oak and 3 coats of Poly. 
My designs on the front were made with the Milescraft Inlay kit. I goofed and forgot to put poly on the area first, so there was some bleed through with the stain. Oops! I didnít tell and they wonít care. ;o) And now after taking the pics I see one of my first spring chores will be pressure washing the shop walls and the decking. lol






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