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     This is my new workshop.  When I started woodworking I did all my work outside when the weather allowed.  My "shop" was a half sheet of plywood on a cable spool.  My tools were kept in a 5-gallon dry wall bucket.  Every day I would drag things out of my shed to the "shop" and pack it up at the end of the day.  Now I still take things outside to the trunk/table (seen in the 5th photo), but it's by choice not necessity.  When I'm through for the day I only need to move my things a few feet to put them up.  AND I can work inside if I want to if it's raining or cold. 





This is the new shed I got this year.  It is 12' X 18'.  Made of T-111 on salt treated 4 X 4's and sitting on a bed of "crush or run".  


This shows the decking I put down in front of the shed so I don't have to walk in mud or step up and down endlessly.  I couldn't get it all in the picture, but there's a little flower bed in the bottom right corner and that section of the deck angles out.  On the left front of the shed the deck ties into the walkway I made.

This is the entrance to the back yard and shows how the deck angles around the little flowerbed where I hope to have a trumpet vine growing up the fence.  I've had a Trumpet vine the last several years, but had to dig it up to move the fence and have the new shed moved it.  It didn't survive the move.  The tall brown thing sitting in front of the new shed is a 2' deep, 8' wide potting shed I had built.  I thought it was a better use of space instead of another section of fence.  It gives me privacy plus some extra storage. 

This is a side view.  You can see its orientation in my yard.  My house is about 15 feet to the right of the shed.  You can see my old shed to the left and the board walk and back decking.  I can easily move back and forth between the sheds thanks to the decking.  My work trunk is on the other side of the smaller shed.  



The back of the new shed.  You can see the "trunk" and how I can go back and forth.  The 5-foot double doors are handy.  



My assistant, Bella, she loves running back and forth between the sheds.  Also, lying down on this back deck while I use my circular saw and getting coated with dust.  This is just another view of the back decking that continues to the right between the old shed and the trunk.  



An inside view of the "shop".  This was how it looked last summer before I insulated and builtd a worktable, etc.  You can see how the decking runs in front of the "trunk".  

You can see I finally got the shed insulated and the walls up.  It wasn't easy doing the cut outs around the switch plates!  You can see in the far right top corner how the insulation is exposed along the top edges.  I'm finishing up cutting pieces of 2X4 to fill in those areas.  I cut them to fit real snug and tap them in with a mallet.  All that's left is a little more caulking around the windows and doors.

Here's a picture of my newly completed work bench (the one on the left).  It's made from 2X4's, OSB, and plywood.  The top and bottom frame have a rabbit around the inside edge that the OSB sits in.  The top piece of OSB has a 32"X 8' piece of Plywood on top of that, giving 2 layers and extra strength.  The bottom shelf has blue foam insulation under it to give a little extra moisture protection to my tools..


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