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     This is my new workshop.  When I started woodworking I did all my work outside when the weather allowed.  My "shop" was a half sheet of plywood on a cable spool.  My tools were kept in a 5-gallon dry wall bucket.  Every day I would drag things out of my shed to the "shop" and pack it up at the end of the day.  Now I still take things outside to the trunk/table (seen in the 5th photo), but it's by choice not necessity.  When I'm through for the day I only need to move my things a few feet to put them up.  AND I can work inside if I want to if it's raining or cold. 





I just completed 3 more shop carts/tables.  Here they are lined up along the left side wall of the shop: drill press/band saw cart, scroll saw table (to the right of and sitting lower than the 1st cart), and at the far end a cart for my stationary belt/disk sander and grinder.  



Here's a better look at the drill press/band saw cart & scroll saw table.  The drill press cart has a lot of storage behind that door.  It holds my RotoZip, trim router, reciprocating saw, sanding drum set, and forstner bit set.

Here's a better look at the scroll saw table.  It sits rather low as the table of the saw needed to be at a comfortable height.  If I find it's a little to low, I'll add wheels.  As with my other shop carts/tables, there's a large storage shelf below the table.  Since it will be a little hard to get to it will be for seldom used equipment.

This is the cart I made for my belt/disk sander and bench grinder.  It has 2 wheels on the back legs (like my planer cart) so I can move it out as needed.

Inside the cart, I'm able to store my angle grinder; a tote with my belt sander, palm sander, & old 5 1/4" floppy disk holders with 1/4 sheet sandpaper in 3 grits.  The clear box has sponge sanding pads and sanding belts for the hand held belt sander.  Behind all this there was enough room left over for the big belts for the stationary sander.



I built a new mobile work bench with a vise.  It will be a big help when assembling projects that I need to be able to get to "from all sides".  Also it should be helpful when applying finish to projects.  I'll be able to move around to all sides instead of reaching awkwardly around the piece or trying to move it.  The bottom will be for cut off storage.






I built a cart for my Sears 10" band saw and Porter Cable pancake compressor.  The compressor is just sitting there so I have somewhere out of the way to store it, not to be rolled around the shop.  I made the BS cart with a mobile cart base from Harbor Freight.  It was less than $20.  I loved the idea of the 2 back wheels and lifting the cart, like I did with the planer.  It is just too heavy for me that way.  I think if I had placed the handles lower on the planer cart, it might have worked.  I took the wheels off the planer cart and added a base like this one to it and it is a dream to move now.







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