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These are items I made for my garden and backyard.  They allowed me to experiment with new techniques and were a learning experience.  The most important thing I learned is that these kinds of projects do not hold up well when exposed to the elements.  The wood burnings have faded over the past several years.  Some of the planters have warped, bowed, or separated at the joints.  They sure looked pretty in the beginning though.




These are little signs I made for my herb garden.  I used Print Shop to make the oval shape, traced them onto small pieces of pine & cut them on the band saw.


I rounded over the edges with a router.  I made the herb names on the computer with a graphics program.  I traced them on the oval & burned them in.



The "Beware of dog" sign is from plain pine and the words are burned in with a wood burner.  I gave it 3 coats of outdoor polyurethane.



You can see the "vicious" dog that the sign was made to warn people about.



This is one of my first wood burning: "the 2 little pigs".  I don't know where the other one is.


The fish is burned onto a scrap of pine.  It was "painted" with colored oil pencils. The edges were shaped with a chamfer bit.



These planters were made with salt treated lumber.  I used biscuits and poly glue to join them.



A flower design was traced onto the wood and burned in.



The planters were stained with Cuprinol, leaving the area around the flower natural.





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