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Here are some more of my early projects.  Having pets has created a need for some customized items to accommodate them.  I think the Iguana cages are among the most challenging projects  I've done.  They required a large number of pieces as there is an outside frame and one on the inside you can't see.





This is the first cage I made for Calypso, the Iguana.  It was 3' wide and 2' deep.  It seemed plenty big at the time.  Who knew he'd get so big?

Here's the 5 foot tall, 4 foot wide cage I made for the Iguana.



You can see how he grew by comparing the top photo when he was 12 inches long to the bottom one when he reached 4 feet.




Here's the stand I made for the birdcages.  I hid the trashcan behind the door on the bottom right of the stand.



This is my first attempt at a footstool for the house.  I didn't have a scroll saw at the time and cut the bird shape with my flimsy B&D jig saw.  I didn't have a biscuit cutter then either so it's joined on the inside with 1" wooden strips.


This one came out much better.  I got a Dremel scroll saw so I could cut a more intricate crab this time.  The top and sides are joined to the front & back with biscuits.  The top and sides are rounded over with a router.




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