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I started wood working 10 or so years ago after having a deck built by a carpenter.  When he finished I wanted to add some tables and planters to my new deck and I wanted them made of wood.  After watching him work on the deck for a couple of weeks I thought I could make these smaller items myself.  Needless to say my first efforts were rather crude, but boy was I proud of them anyway.  As the summers progressed I started making more things for the house and yard learning new techniques along the way and slowly improving my skills.  These are some of my early outdoor projects.  All but one is made of pressure-treated lumber and are my own design.




The item on the left is a trash can cover up with a hinged lid.  The panels are joined with biscuits.  The mini picnic table to the right of it is one of 2 and my first attempt at lap joints.  The footstool in front of the rocker is one of many I've made.  I used biscuits to join 12" pieces of pressure  treated wood.  2 each for the top and 2 sets of legs.  



The cabinet next to the grill is for cook-out and hot tub supplies.  It is made from T-111 with firing strips for trim.  



Here are a couple of new end tables for the deck.  Very simple to make with pre-cut pressure treated spindles for the legs.  One spindle makes 2 legs, just cut in half.  I drilled a hole in the under side of the table top to receive one end of the leg and epoxied it in the hole.  The bottom shelf is joined to the legs with pocket hole screws.  



I built the walk way from the deck to the shed and around the left side of it to avoid walking in mud.  They don't call the part of Maryland I live in the "lower Eastern Shore" for nothing!  A good part of the year my tiny back yard is a swamp.  The last step of the deck in 6" off the ground so the long walk is built on 2X6's.  There's a little ramp to the left of the shed leading to the walk that leads to the bird feeders.  That's built on 2X4's (all pressure treated of course).  



This is my combination work table-storage trunk.  It's made with T-111 and firing strip trim.  It's 8 feet wide and 4 feet deep.  I thought it would hold everything I needed for my wood working.  Boy was I wrong!  It's still handy though for the nice days when I can work outside.  Another mistake I made was laying concrete in front of it so I wouldn't have to stand in the mud after it rained.  Very uncomfortable.  I put decking over it this summer.  Big improvement!  



This is the trestle picnic table I FINALLY finished in November.  The top is made of red cedar.  The legs are salt-treated.   I found an exterior gel stain I really liked.  It was much easier to apply than the liquid.  I brushed it on and then rubbed it in for a nice, even finish with no "overlaps".  Next, 3 coats of MinWax Exterior Polyurethane. 





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