Here are some of my earlier projects for the house.  They are a little rough as I didn't know some of the more advanced joinery techniques when they were built.  I am self-taught with the help of HGTV, books, and magazines.  I find woodworking to be a challenging hobby.  That's what I enjoy about it most.  Taking one of my ideas and creating it.




This is a combination double closet entertainment center for the bedroom.  It's made from yellow pine.  The doors were purchased from Lowes.


I'd like to take down the top piece and cut an arch shape over the center section.  When I made this 4 years my tools and knowledge were very limited and I was leery of trying to cut a more interesting shape.  I got a new jigsaw and after a little practice I think I'll be ready.

Here are the CD Racks I made out of pine.  It was my first experience with dados.  The one on the left was originally planned to hold Play Station games and was supposed to be turned the other way like the one on the right

I made 2 nightstands.  I used a pre-cut top from Lowes and bought louvered doors.  I didn't even attach a back in the beginning, didn't know how.  I added backs a couple of years later after watching Norm a few times.



This is my first set of bookshelves.  Real rough, I know.  Boy was I proud of them though.  I wish I had known about shelf pins then.  I had only seen those metal gizmos you stick the clips in and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to line them up properly so went with the brackets.

Here is my second attempt at shelves for the den.  Better quality pine this time.  Joining that top molding at the corners was tough!  So was cutting all the molding pieces the RIGHT length.  Whew!




The other set of shelves for the den with the bottom section twice as deep to hold the TV and stereo.  Still didn't know about shelf pins!  Darn.  I keep telling myself I'll get around to re-doing it right, but I'll probably wait and build new ones if I get a new house and just leave these behind.



OK, it's 10 yrs or so later.  I had to tear down the 2 sets of book cases above so I could get new flooring.  They say be careful what you ask for, you might get it.  I re-built them.  I lowered them so they could be moved in the future.  I squared up the shelves, added shelf pins, and a proper back and a kick plate.   (the "before" is on the right of each).  





I'm very happy with the results.  Of course, I've thought of several things that could be done to make them better.  LOL




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