I am working on Christmas gifts for friends and family.  This a dachshund for a co-worker.  The portrait is cut from a 1/8" thick piece of plywood.  I gave it one coat poly and mounted it in a frame with a piece of felt behind the scrolled portrait.

Here's my second scrollsaw portrait.  Can you tell the breed?

This is Sinbad, a black kitty cat who owns my friend Mary.

I made this eagle in an arrowhead for my Dad for Christmas.

Finally finished the portrait.  Not in time for Christmas, but better late than never.  There were obstacles to overcome.  Like replacing the scroll saw with the Delta 350 (which I like much better than the Dremel 1680) and re-doing the portrait after Jay's "eye" broke off on the first one.  Luckily I was only 1/8 or 1/4 done at that point.  I gave it to him today and it passed the "Jay test".  I got a big grin and "thank you".  In other words, he liked it.

I made 5 footstools for the deck, carport seating area, and the front porch.  I still need to route the edges of the tops and then stain them.


Finally got 'em stained............ see below.




Blue Heron

Humming Bird

Sea Horse






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Last updated: 08/25/2004