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from the heart of a mother...

I don't publish something every month. Life kind of
"intervenes". But, such as they are,
you can read my "back issues" here.
May they bless you and encourage you along the way...

Blessings to you -


Some entries are moved to Deb's blog!

Musings (by year)


Worth a Thousand Words


A Tangled Mess (by "Guest Mom" Susan Murphie)
The Valentine Tree
The Last Gasp
We're Rich!
Zip. Zap. GONE!
The Smell of Pickles
The Face of Jesus
Barriers of My Choosing


Dishes (by "Guest Mom" Molly Wolf)
Shut Up and Staple!
Remodeling, Part 1
Remodeling, Part 2
Been There, Done That!
Yesterday... and TODAY!
His Name is Clyde!
Not Just Some Doll


What did you say?
Miss Hattie and Other Treasures
If I Live Here By Myself (by "Guest Mom" Sophie Doell)
The Beauty of Each Hour
Pollyanna Has Left The Building...
A Thanksgiving Hymn
He is Here!


Sometimes it's just Canadian Bacon! (by "Guest Mom" Lois Huneycutt)
Following in Our Footsteps
Glimpses of God (In memory of my Dad)
A Simple Hymn for a Mighty God
Camping 101 Quiz
Love Beads
Prepare Him Room


Puzzling with Puzzles
When I am a Grandmother... (by "Guest Mom" Jan Barger)
Showrooms or Real Life?
Our Family Crêche


Why do I train my children the way I do? (by "Guest Mom" Rebecca Prewett
Lessons from a Cardinal
Confessions of a Dustbunny Shepherdess
Guest Towels
Learning from Leaves
O Magnum Mysterium


Crazy Quilts
Why Children Are Like Cats!
The Spider's Web

Devotional Guides

Holy Week 2002
Holy Week 2003
Advent 2003
Holy Week 2004
Advent 2005

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