*I see you are viewing this on Internet Explorer 6. I have spent many years fighting with IE6 so I know that some poeple are forced to use it. Unfortunatly, a lot of the stuff I want to do on this site would involve to many scripts to make IE6 work. I'm tired of fighting it. However, if you are at home and have the option to get a better browser, please do it now. Google Firefox and use that. I'm Mike Versak, graphic and web designer. Its hard to sell me, so I'll tell you my experience.

I have studied art and visual communications all of my life and have been doing it professionally and freelancally since 1998. I taught myself HTML and CSS around 2000 and have been studying it along with other web programming languages including PHP, javascript, and AJAX. On a daily basis I read many different blog sites that are both inspirational and influential to many web and graphic designers. Along with the tips and tricks, I pick up the knowledge of how users perceive and use the web. I use this information to be better my skills and make more useful designs.

Some of my logo design and web design samples are listed in the following pages, but I have been working professionally as a graphic designer and am unable to showcase my work here.