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  You are about to embark on original Poetry written by Carmen C. Hutchens-Booker, pen name DaMoment. This has become a great past time. I hope one day to publish a book to include what is before you. It is my desire to enlighten you with the warmness of the heart, soul and being of existence. On this planet earth there are such diversities to provide numerous opportunities to convey how you feel and your trend of thinking. Enjoy what I think, realizing it may not be in your paradigm, but is of existence.
Enjoy from me to you!

Walking in the Rain
I'm walking in the rain with a man, that I truly can't stand
A man with no car, no money, no plan
I'm not a gold digger, but slightly sumptuous you see
A real woman of success, supporting only me
Although I'm a good friend to anyone who comes my way,
I still can't stand a man with no car, no money, no plan
This walk that I'm taking, remind me of where I've been,
living life on the edge - drugs, sex and sin
I'm walking in the rain still with that man
I feel so protected, although he, I can't stand
The rain showers pour down my face
mimicking tears of total disgrace
I should be smiling for I chose to walk with that man
-Originally DaMoment

Sundial Rotating
The moments we spend together makes time pass so fast
The lust, the passion, the smiles
God I wish it could last
We are always on the clock, it's the wrong time, or it be a mission
To be together in the future, I'm sure we both have visions
I spoke to you, I said, "let's enjoy the moment
 I'll be your fantasy, if you really want it"
Dare we not to overstep our bounds
Separating the closeness we found
Nonetheless, we must go on
Time, yes time, waits for no one
              -Originally DaMoment

Your eyes, your smile both intrigues me
Your loving heart, your kisses seductively soothes me

Magic - the thought had never occurred to experience it again,
The heat, the sweat, the passion, with you, my loving man

My eyes glitter, my toes curl, my heart melts like a chocolate kiss.
Imagine us together again in a sexual bliss

We live, enjoying the drops of every exhausting sweat,
We lie together in solitude realizing what we have is
                           - Originally DaMoment

 A Gamble
Life is - a gamble

I have an addiction - a gamble

My road to recovery - a gamble

Rolling the dice - a gamble

Death is - a gamble

        -Originally DaMoment



Will You Be Mine?
Illustration: Be my valentine

Roses Are Red
Roses are red, my panties are blue,
You just don't know, what I want to give
to you.

It's not in my eyes, it's not in my heart,
Now tell me, can you guess the body part?

I pondered and wondered all the day long
If what I have for you would really steer you wrong.

I'll take the chance, I'm very cunning you know
To live out my fantasies, just give me the go.

Dare not slip, trip or fall down
In the love we'll make, your guard will drown

I want you, I want you it's Valentine.
So baby please, don't tease, just say you'll
Be mine!

                              -Originally DaMoment

It Used to Be
It used to be love, on your sumptuous lips
As they caress my breasts and my hips
It used to be a fantasy to have you near
The memories in my mind, they used to be
You would always call, you would always visit
The memories in my mind, they used to be
I stroked your hair, and kissed your ears
The memories in my mind, they used to be
The passion was thick, the sex was insane
The memories in my mind, it used to be
                                  -Originally DaMoment
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In two thousand and one, the time would come
When the towers would meet their end
Debris and bodies fell, as my eyes swell
At a sight I couldn’t comprehend
As many lives were lost, the Nation mourned
Contributed to terrorist, we were not forewarned
Parent-less children, wife-less husbands stood awry
Startled, gasping at what they saw in the sky
Departing their life in a violent way
On a day, in a year I never thought I’d say
 Because of 9/11 we’re now in a war
Death of our service men and women is leaving a scar
A scar that can’t heal without anguish and pain
A feeling by many that this war is in vain
Yes, our loved ones suffer and die in war everyday
We definitely cannot continue on this way
9/11 has changed our life forever
Yes in America and on worldly levels   
 We cried, we screamed, some wish it were only a bad dream
Undisquised is the hurt, for my eyes it has seen 
The nightmare, the imagery of planes, still in my mind
I’m not sure I’d ever want to forget, even over time
9/11, for an emergency it stands, was doom to America and my fellow man
9/11, I still have visions afar, as the Nation tries to heal from a horrible, massive scar
9/11 tries to make me hate those responsible
But I must remain true to my God for I trust and believe, though reasons I can’t conceive that they,
And we, will one day be at peace.
                                   - Originally DaMoment


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