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Eek! A ghost!

I was there when the bodies were found
In a wooded area, like a campground
I was there when the police came around
I was no stranger to death, only murder
No details, investigation further
The bodies not yet decomposed
But rodents and vermin exposed
The flesh left to rot on a camper’s cot
Originally DaMoment

Eek! A ghost!

Was it Murder?


 Immigration? Are You Crazy?
Why is everything so high, with morality so low? Immigration – You didn’t know? They come from afar to get across the border, all they really want is to get their life in order unfortunately, the illegal way ain’t right, as they climb fences, and dig ditches to get here in the night
They have hope; and, in America they trust, so they quickly crawl their way to safety in the dust they’re here now and settled, what would you do? Send them packing, or give them a green card too?
Immigration? Are you crazy? These folks are not lazy
They do work many won’t and have jobs others don’t
They’re only trying to make a living, on all the benefits America is giving
Counties and States are rising up hell bent, denying the services of the taxpayer  The immigrant, they offend
It’s really a hard choice, for they’ve been here a while
Years gone by, they’ve gotten a better life style
“Immigration? Are you crazy?” is a question many ask, but a resolution is actually the ultimate task
What would you do? How would you do it, I’d like to ask
Without dissolving families, causing havoc, reversing the bask
The state of Immigration is crazy.
-Originally DaMoment

Life is so damn difficult, makes me want to cuss
But when I do, people look at me and wonder what’s all the fuss
What? You’ve never been broke, been evicted or robbed?
Ever been on welfare or lost a heart-throb?
Ever had a car to break down, searching for someone to haul you around?
What are you a machine, clueless to what I mean?
Ever been homeless, sleeping on a grate
All because you lost your job and your family estate?
Ever been completely down trying to get up?
Panning for donations with a broken coffee cup?
For some life is and can be so damn difficult
And yes even in America you can get in a rut
Originally DaMoment

A Part of Me Died
                                 A drunk driver took the life of my younger brother
                                         In the car was me, my cousin and my mother
A Part of me died
I got the news in my hospital bed,
                                             "He didn't make it" was all the clergy said
A Part of Me Died

                  I cried, we cried at the thought of how he had lived
                        A boy so precious, not to experience what life had to give
  A Part of Me Died
 At the age of two he had so much to gain
   But his life was cut short by a drunk in the wrong lane
A Part of Me Died
                     Today is the present, the past history, or so it is said
                     My memory continues to tell me that my brother is dead

               A part of me died on that day, there was nothing I could say
                         So I cried
- Originally DaMoment

What Is Your Name

This is not a game

For I know you are the same

Man I spoke to once before

Remember? You opened the door

For me to enter in when I had lots of bags

I didn’t look pretty for I was in clothes like rags

But you gave me a smile all worth the while

You were a gentleman then, I am trying to think again

What is your name?

Originally DaMoment


 Chances: They came, I missed them. Will they come again? By chance.
Originally DaMoment

When I Cry
When I cry, the tears eventually dry
To a point past the pain
Erasing evidence of hurt, leaving only tear stains
When I cry, it’s only me under an umbrella
Experiencing stormy weather while the sun shines outside
In my heart rough seas and waves I ride
When I cry, my feelings run down my face
My soul reflecting the empty space that made me cry in the first place
When I cry, I can’t wait until the tears are gone
And start life over on my own
I know that life is with pain and trials
The hurt is now over, at least for a while
Originally DaMoment
Thanks for the Ride
I was a child, I was innocent, I had no clue what sex meant
I trusted family, mostly my mom, after all, that’s whom I came from
Then came the day - when I would find out about sex -  the hard way
With my mom’s encouragement, with him I stayed alone
In the end, I knew not to call this place home
He talked and chatted, nothing I wanted to hear
There were no kind words, he just held me near
Near, yet so far. Only to endure rape, leaving a scar
I lost all faith for I was told “In God We Trust”
I wanted to run away on any highway or bust
Inside me though was a glow, a glow that only I came to know
My morals, my ethics scared all the way straight
Letting this happen why didn't God forsake?
Forsake the man, the situation and his plan
For didn’t he realize I was a child, not a wo-man?
Nonetheless, I grew strong not letting what happened steer me wrong
For a whore I could’ve been, looking for rags, riches, and sin
My destiny wouldn’t have it that way - for now I am strong
Proud, loving, caring, and ambitious - in my heart there is a song
I put you and that day out of my mind
Realizing all wounds would heal over time
As bad as it was, I made a great stride, in all things give thanks…
So, thanks for the ride
-Originally DaMoment
 Martin Luther
It was Martin Luther king who had a dream that America would change
It was martin Luther king who honestly felt over time things would not be the same
Time since his death a lot has come
For the rich, the poor and the middle income
America still has a long way to go
Still with bigots, predators, racists and more
He said we shall overcome the burdens of the past
But today many haven’t experienced, and do not venture to ask
Why some people are so ignorant, rude, and evil
Of drive by shootings, molestations, and road rage vigils
Martin Luther king didn’t pick on people because they weren’t black
But people of stupidity, with character of fallacies in equality they lacked
It took years for a holiday celebrating his life to come about
Even in 2010 there are states celebrating this holiday without
The legal ramifications of what it really means
For some it’s a day off and to spend their hard-earned green
Martin Luther took action; He marched, he sweated, he cried, took many beatings
For you, for me and even for those ungrateful heathens
It’s not so much about him, but what the bible say
Do unto to others, as you have them do unto you we pray
Originally DaMoment


"Poetry of everyday life"