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Two Dollars


Give me two dollars

 I’m a bit broke under the collar

Never got no money on payday

My paycheck, bill collectors always prey

I try to save a dime, but a bill comes all the time

What does a savings account mean?

When you never have any green?

It’s hell without money

You got two bucks honey?


-Originally DaMoment

Dollar signs at sunset

You Were Born Honest


At a time when no one imagined, I was pregnant

At a time while I was young, I was oh so ignorant

I was honestly this way

As time past you were born, a baby I would call Bjorn

As a mother I grew sagacious

While others were getting audacious

I protected you from the cold and life’s tribulations

Not realizing I was protecting you from failure

You grew into a respectable young boy

Playing with your favorite, innocent toy

I sheltered you from distress

As the saying goes, “Mommy knows best”

What I didn’t realize was that I was making your life difficult

For you knew not the evils of the world or how to deal with them

After all, you were born honest


-Originally DaMoment


You Have Not a Broken Heart
Illustration: Relaxing in the bath

You have Not a Broken Heart
Because you wouldn't live to tell
Anyone about your past relationship that you claimed was pure hell
You have not a broken heart
Yet you're looking for someone else to love
You're all made up, with pants fitting like a glove
You have not a broke heart
When you are clubbing all night
Quicker on the prowl again looking for Mr. Right
You have not a broke heart
But oh so much wisdom
Playing your cards right, where dollars are your vision
You lie, you cheat, other women men you steal
You have not a broken heart
Make no appeal, please woman just get real.
Originally DaMoment


"Poetry of everyday life"