Hupp's on the Frontier

Philip (father), Elizabeth (mother), George, Everhart, John
Francis, Balser, Philip, Elizabeth (Hupp) Smith
Mathias Ault (step-father), Lazarus Rhyne (friend)

Border men

Life on the frontier!

Fleeing the oppression in Europe, they traveled to America for freedom and liberty.
Always moving westward, they lived on the frontier borders of Virginia and Pennsylvania.
As the United States population moved into Ohio, Kentucky and points west, so did the
Hupp family.

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Click_For_Article Voyage of the Rattletrap, 1778
Click_For_Article Ft. Jefferson, 1779
Click_For_Article Defending "Miller's Block-House," Easter 1782
Click_For_Article The Sandusky Exposition of 1782
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Can You Help?
I am looking for the documentation that supports Philip Hupp's (Son) connection to the Lewis & Clark expedition. The story suggest that he was recruited at Rice's Landing, Green County, Pennsylvania for a specific period of time to supply food by hunting on the journey down the Ohio River. If you have detail about this tale, please contact me.
Thanks, Olin

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