Hello Family,

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  I'm forwarding this information on behalf of Diamara.  The following individuals voted:


1. Patricia Kendrick-Five Day Cruise

2. Rany Clarke- Five Day Cruise

3. Pam Bozeman-Clarke- Five Day Cruise

4. Tyler Jones- Five Day Cruise

5. Brandon-Jackson- Five Day Cruise

6. Toni Jackson- Five Day Cruise 

7. Robert W. Kirton- Five Day Cruise

8. Judith A. Carrington- Five Day Crusie

9. Tasha Brown-Five Day Cruise

10. Kevin Brown- Five Day Cruise

11. Diamara DeSouza- Five Day Cruise

12. Sandra De Souza- Five Day Cruise

13. Frank DeSouza- Five Day Cruise

14. Daniel DeSouza- Five Day Cruise

15. Willie Kendrick (Ken) - Return to Hampton, VA

16. Lizette Kirton- Five  Day Cruise

17. Bill Kirton- Five  Day Cruise

18. Elaina Kirton- Five  Day Cruise

19. Darryl Kirton- Five  Day Cruise

20. Kevin Kendrick - Five  Day Cruise

21. Federico Kendrick - Five  Day Cruise

22. De’Ione Jenkins – Return to Hampton, VA

23. LeGrant Langford – Five Day Cruise

24. Reginald Jenkins – Five Day Cruise

25. Derek Jenkins – Return to Hampton, VA

26. Benilda Tillman & Family – Return to Hampton, VA

27. Crystal Howell - Five Day Cruise

28. Marcia Dunn - Five Day Cruise

29. Chloe' Howell - Five Day Cruise

30. Donna Kirton Family - Return to Hampton, VA

31. Robert Kirton Sr. Family - Return to Hampton, VA

32. Yovantonette Daniels - Five Day Cruise

33. Claude Markland - Five Day Cruise

34. Maria Markland-Hubbard - Five Day Cruise 

35. Angel Kirton - Five Day Cruise

36. Alexys Jenkins - Five Day cruise

37. Morghan Jenkins - Five Day Cruise

38. Rosalie Bennett Family - Return to Hampton, VA

39. Lisa Robinson - Return to Hampton, VA

40. Tony Robinson - Return to Hampton, VA

41. Phaedra Robinson - Return to Hampton, VA

42. Garrett Robinson - Return to Hampton, VA

43. Jilma Bryson Family - Five Day Cruise

If the cuise is selected what group acitvities/events would you like to have? (Patricia)
Reserve one of the clubs for a family celebration/diiner/dancing. Karaoke night w/individual and groups.
Let's remind everyone to vote, let's update the website with a closing date by the beginning of the year if possible.

  With Warm Regards,

The Family Reunion Committee

De'Ione (President)
Tasha (Vice President & Treasurer) and/or
Diamara (Secretary)

Ken    (Web Master)  and/or








REUNION 2008 Photos - Hampton, Virginia