Hampton Roads Sunfish Challenge & Dinghy Distance Race September 22, 2012

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If interested in helping with the race, please click on areas of interest, and sign up on the front page registration form.


a.      Walter Brueggman

b.   Raleigh Martin

c.   Dan Brueggman

d.   John Sherwook (Willoughby Marina Captain)

2)      FINISH LINE 

a.       Jonathan Romero

b.      Tim Savage


3)      Medical Team

             a.  Ashley Obenaus

             b.  Tom Trumbauer

             c.  Derek Fuller

             d.  Scott Obenaus

             e.  Brandon Pruitt


4)      Sponsor Team

a.       Jonathan Romero


5)      Regatta Bag Team

a.       Mike Barclift

b.      Tanya Mueller


6)      Safety Boats

a.       Bob Gumpright

b.      John Boama

c.       Don Wade & Fred Bilskis

d.      Steve Turner

e.       Tom Fitzsimmons

f.     Scott Wolff

g.    Jerry Latrell

h.    Graham Fields


7)      Scorer

a.       Jonathan Romero


8)      Food Team

a.       Tanya Mueller

b.      Robert Waring (Beer)


9)      Awards Team

a.       Jonathan Romero

b.      Larry Wainwright


10)  Transportation Team

a.       Kent Utley

b.      Walter Brueggman


11)  Website

a.       Tanya Mueller


12)  Photographer

a.      Rob Hinton

b.  Jason

Get that old Sunfish out of the weeds in the backyard and get it ready!!