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Many thanks to 2012 Photo Contest Judge, Melody Guiver of San Clemente, California.  There were 137 entries, and Melody admitted that it was a difficult tasks to pick just 12 winners.  She did a marvelous job, and the wonderful new calendar will be ready by August 2011.
Grand Prize:  May 2012

January 20120
January 2012.JPG
Pictured: MacDougal, Owner: Mary MacPherson, Canada

 Judge's Comment: January-I loved the snow photos. Being from California, I just don't get a chance to experience this. This photo was so artistic and adorable!

February 2012
February 2012.jpg
Pictured: Kitty - Nat, Bedlington - Emma, Photographer: Cynthia Freese, Alexandria, Virginia

Judge's Comments:  February-This photo was so loving and sweet, it made me want to snuggle with my favorite cuddler's, Hunter & Scout.

March 2012
March 2012.jpg
Pictured: Sage, Owner: Joanne Stadther, Carver, Minnesota

Judge's Comments: March-Just adorable!!!



Grand Prize Winner, May 2012
Pictured: Ivy Rose, Photographer: Julie Bernier, Maine

Judge's Comment: May-My grand prize winner made me want to go lie in the sun. It made me feel very peaceful inside.

July 2012
Pictured: Axel and Titus, Photographer: Susan Wellington, Needham, MA

Judge's Comments: July-Again another peaceful beach scene.

September 2012
Pictured: Bogey, Photographer: Nancy Kosteloba, Forty Fort, PA

Judge's Comment: September-This was an instant pick for me, representing the month of "going back to school".

November 2012
Pictured: Sonny Romeo, Photographer: Debbie Penn

Judge's Comment: November-I Just kept coming back to this photo. It kept bringing a smile to my face.

April 2012
Pictured: Axel. Photographer, Susan Wellington, Needham, MA

Judge's Comment: April-Loved the puppy with the purple collar, against the vibrant green background with the yellow border for the month of Easter.

June 2012
Pictured: Jazz, Photographer: Noreen Duncan

Judge's Comments: June-I just adored this photograph, as I love to be in the water in the summertime with my own dogs.

August 2012
Pictured: Axel, Photographer: Alan Wellington, Needham, MA

Judge's Comments: August-Just loved the the pose of the dog in the sand.

October 2012
Pictured: Spencer, Photographer: Elaine Kalin

Judge's comment: October-Just made me feel good all over

December 2012
Pictured: Bogey, Photographer: Nancy Kosteloba, Forty Fort, PA

Judge's comment: December-I went back and forth between this photo and the May photograph for the Grand Prize Winner. This scene of the Bedlington galloping through the snow just captured my heart at first glance. He looked like a beautiful little snow pony.