Congratulations on your upcoming birth! Get ready for the greatest challenges and most wonderful pleasures of your life. Begin your parenting journey by becoming educated about the birth and how to make it the best and healthiest it can be for you and your baby.

Please note--no classes will be scheduled from August 2008 through December 2008. Please contact your doctor's office for other class options.

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Basic Information

We offer classes to fit your needs and schedules including:
  • 4-week prepared childbirth class for first-time parents (7:00 - 9:00 PM)
  • 2-week "Fast Track" prepared childbirth class for first-time parents (6:30 - 9:30 PM)
  • Private/semi-private classes in home or doctor's office
  • Breastfeeding classes (6:30 - 9:00 PM) and in-home postpartum consultations

Classes are taught by certified instructor.

You can download a brochure, which is readable by Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Prepared Childbirth Classes

. Cost is $85.

Class topics include:

  • Handling the discomforts of pregnancy
  • The labor process
  • Coping tools for labor
  • The coach's role
  • Variations in the labor process
  • Hospital procedures and medications
  • Pediatrician question and answer session (when available)
  • Addressing postpartum concerns
  • Optional breastfeeding class (an additional $25)

Schedule of Upcoming Classes:

Optimally, class series should end 2-4 weeks before your due date.

Day Start Date End Date Location* Note
Fri Feb12 Feb 19 call for info Fast-Track, 6:30 to 9;30

To Register

  1. Download a brochure with registration form here or pick one up at Drs. Esposito, Mayer & Hogan Columbia office
  2. Call Susan at (410)442-9946 to verify class availability
  3. Mail completed form with non-refundable deposit of $25. Call Susan for address. Do not mail to the office.

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Breastfeeding Classes & Consultations

Cost is $25.

Class topics include:

  • Anatomy of breastfeeding
  • Getting started
  • Preventing common problems
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Employment / pumping
  • Weaning
  • Problem solving

Schedule of Upcoming Classes:
All classes 7 - 9:30 PM unless otherwise noted.

Day Date Location* Note
Friday Feb 26 call for info 6:30 - 9:00



To register, call Susan at (410)442-9946.

Private consultations are available for $75 per session, and can be held at the doctor's office or at your home.

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About the Instructor

Susan Beck, B.A., A.C.C.E., I.B.C.L.C.

  • ASPO/Lamaze certified childbirth instructor with 28 years experience
  • Board-certified lactation consultant, available for telephone consults and home visits
  • Contact at (410)442-9946 or

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