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Kalinka is Celebrating our 10th year Anniversary!
Park School, Baltimore
March 15 2013, 6pm


Traditional Russian Dance Ensemble "Kalinka" of Baltimore, MD Traditional Russian Dance Ensemble "Kalinka" of Baltimore was formed in 2002 by a group of character dance enthusiasts. The ensemble, based in Baltimore, MD, has earned a reputation as the area's leading presenter of folk choreographed character dance in Washington-Baltimore area. Kalinka is an amateur group with professional standards.

Traditional Russian Dance Ensemble "Kalinka" of Baltimore, MD Traditional Russian Dance Ensemble "Kalinka" of Baltimore directed by choreographer and  performer  Katya Denisova, a native of St. Petersburg, Russia where she received her training in the art of dance presentation. The Ensemble is rich in energy, passion and excitement - the ultimate in folklore presentation! The works of the Kalinka Dance Ensemble of Baltimore include numerous performances in theatres and concert halls in Maryland, Virginia and DC.

Traditional Russian Dance Ensemble "Kalinka" of Baltimore, MD Since January 2002 the Ensemble has been rehearsing and performing with The Washington Balalaika Society Orchestra and Quartet on different stages within Baltimore- Washington area. The list of gigs includes the Russian Embassy in Washington DC, Russian Noble Society Ball, Northern Virginia Community College, Gordon Center for Performing Arts, Russian Festival in Baltimore as well as various clubs, community functions, and private parties.

Traditional Russian Dance Ensemble "Kalinka" of Baltimore, MD The dances are performed in beautifully detailed, elaborate costumes and accompanied by a full orchestra, Russian Folk Instruments quartet/trio or recorded music. Great love of dancing are constantly hedging the dancers towards a higher degree of mastery. Kalinka's popularity is growing with every year, and with every year grows the number of people admiring their bright, vital talent. Each performance by the Kalinka dance Ensemble is an unforgettable show of dance mastery, grace and energy, with costumes as colorful, varied and exquisite as the dance movements. 
Russian dances makes each performance a breathtaking display of the very best in dance from different regions of Russia. The repertoire of the ensemble consists mostly of dances, created by the artistic leader of ensemble Katya Denisova. These multiepisode choreographed compositions are created on the base of Russian folklore, and also on modern dance plastics and changing of the contrasted rhythms.

Traditional Russian Dance Ensemble "Kalinka" of Baltimore, MD The great variety of motions and colors, the original manner of performing Russian dances as well as its dash and vigor never leave spectators indifferent. Audiences are captivated by the vivid character portrayals, the musical movements, and the fanciful patterns of the choreographic design. Russian character dance uniquely blends folk idiom and ballet techniques as the dancers act out specific situations "in character".

Traditional Russian Dance Ensemble "Kalinka" of Baltimore, MD These themes combined with challenging artistic styling and humor create a program which is both accessible and visually exciting. These colorful footstamping performances carry you away and leave unforgettable memories. Who could resist this high velocity dancing with its pyrotechnic jumping, slapping, squatwork, jumps that defy gravity, syncopated heel work and crisp finishes? Spiritual buoyancy, technical precision, uplifting music and kaleidoscopic costumes make Russian dance show a truly exciting and unforgettable experience.

Traditional Russian Dance Ensemble "Kalinka" of Baltimore, MD One of the most important elements in the scenic dance is the costume. The costumes are handmade and authentic to the region portrayed in each dance. Costumes help to bring home to the spectators the idea of the choreographer, making the image of each personage more expressive, contributing to a finer perception of each dance.

Traditional Russian Dance Ensemble "Kalinka" of Baltimore, MD REPERTOIRE: Quadrille, Sailors' Dance, Kalinka, Bright Moon, Katyusha, Shenkurskie zakovyry, Woolen boots, On the Bench, Russian Lady (Barynia), Matanya, Smolenskij Gusachok

Kalinka Jr (children's group ages 4-10) started practicing in 2009 and now regularly joins Kalinka dancers on professional stages. Children practice once a week and work on mastering the basics of  russian character dance.













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