John Godbey and Gertrude Sanders



I have done a small amount of research into my ancestors.  I have included here some information that may be of use to any of you investigating the same surnames.  If anyone can add to my knowledge of my family tree I will be very grateful.


My Father’s family has always lived in Virginia (and what is now West Virginia), mostly in Pulaski, Montgomery, and Logan Counties.  The major surnames in his family are Godbey, Miles, and Bridges.


My Mother’s family is from South Carolina, mostly in Beaufort, Colleton, and Fairfield counties.  The major surnames in her family are Sanders, Gibson, Eikerenkoetter (or Eikerenkotter), Behn, Gibson, and Ferebee.


This page has some photographs of my ancestors.


Here are John Godbey’s ancestors.


Here are Gertrude Sanders Godbey’s ancestors.


Harriet Bridges Godbey’s gravestone.