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As a life-long news junkie, I've always enjoyed reading a wide range of news sources. Since 1998, I've offered a FREE electronic 'clipping service' for colleagues who don't have the same time or inclination to search the Web on a regular basis.  On most weekdays, after scanning dozens of news outlets, blogs and more, I email a themed digest containing a handful of related articles about arts and culture that I think people on the list would not have otherwise seen. 

The distribution of "You've Cott Mail" has grown exponentially and it now has a readership of over 10,000 arts professionals and others interested in the arts.  If you're interested in receiving "You've Cott Mail" each weekday morning, please complete the form below.

Note: it is important that you add "You've Cott Mail" and "thomas.cott@verizon.net" to your email server's Safe Senders list to insure proper delivery of "You've Cott Mail."

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If you prefer, you can follow You've Cott Mail on Twitter, where I post a link to each YCM email -- as well as additional stories that don't fit into the themes of the email editions.  Follow @youvecottmail here:

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What people are saying about You've Cott Mail
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"Each year I ask leaders from all parts of our sector and all parts of the country to send me their nominations for the most powerful and influential leaders in our field.  As one nominator put it: [You've Cott Mail and Arts Journal] are 'the kings of arts industry content aggregation.  If you're not following them, you're not in the loop, period.'"
—Barry Hessenius, August 25, 2013, on his WESTAF Blog
("2013's Fifty Most Powerful and Influential People in the Nonprofits Arts - USA")

"For my money, YCM [is] the most useful resource for daily arts news.  Cott not only comes up with a steady stream of theme-oriented mailings, he regularly pulls contributions published across a terrific landscape of culture outlets with same day relevancy alongside chestnuts from weeks prior that he apparently keeps roasting in his mind for just the right moment.  It's simple, reliable, and inclusive.  What more could you want?"
—Drew McManus, December 21, 2012, on his blog Adaptistration

"You’ve Cott Mail [is] like having someone incredibly well-informed whispering in your ear about what to read.  And in a recent blog posting for arts administrators called Barry’s Blog, Cott was named in this year’s list of the 50 most powerful and influential people in the non-profit arts in the US. According to the blog, Cott’s 'blog is widely read because of the convenience it provides in amassing various perspectives on important issues.  Cott does the work for us, and when he picks a topic, people take note of, and focus on, what he has gathered. More influential in determining people’s thinking than he might imagine.' Bravo, indeed!"
—Mark Shenton, August 31, 2012 on his Shenton's View blog for The Stage [UK]

"I’m interested in [You've Cott Mail] because it doesn’t just cover music, and we musicians can learn from our brethren in other areas of the arts world. The other interesting thing to me is he doesn’t editorialize. He collects articles and blogs from all over the web and presents similar content under a theme or title. We’re in an information age. There is a lot of information out there at our disposal, but the problem is often locating it. With “You’ve Cott Mail” you will know immediately if the day’s articles cover topics of interest to you. Check it out and see for yourself."
-- Ray Ricker, January 24, 2012 on his blog

"...if you aren't familiar with [Thomas Cott's] You've Cott Mail blog, he curates -- on a DAILY basis -- thematic entries on a given subject. The amount of work it takes to do what he does is mind boggling. Perhaps only Doug McLennan's Arts Journal is more ambitious. I've been meaning to plug him for a long time. You really should subscribe to Cott's blog.  I am a huge fan. While every posting may not interest you, I guarantee you that you will find much to stimulate your thinking over the course of a month. This is one of my favorite blogs."
-- Barry Hessenius, January 8, 2012, on his WESTAF Blog 

"...the indispensable 'You’ve Cott Mail', a digest of arts news from throughout the English-speaking world..."
—posted April 26, 2011 on the blog of WBEZ-FM [Chicago Public Radio]

"[My] interview was picked up by Thomas Cott in his daily email digest You've Cott Mail for Women’s History Month. I’ve been a loyal reader and fan for over a year, and admit I let out an audible squeal when I saw my interview listed as recommended reading right above an interview with Helen Mirren.  Fierce female producers do, in fact, blush."
—Manda Martin, March 13, 2011 on the Vicious Bear Productions blog

"You've Cott Mail is a great clipping service for nonprofit news. I find lots of useful stuff almost every day. You can follow Thomas Cott on Twitter: @youvecottmail" 
—Clay Myers-Bowman, February 28, 2011, on his blog

"Once again, I have to thank Thomas Cott for his daily email 'You've Cott Mail' for the heads up on this discussion. Sometimes it seems I'd be completely cut off here in my Appalachian shack if it weren't for my morning dose of YCM."
—Uke Jackson, 
February 1, 2011, on his blog The Unknown Playwright

"Now comes the good stuff – brought [to] my inbox by Thomas Cott – the best arts news/happenings curator..."
—Sarah Niblack, September 28, 2010,
on her blog The Culture Administration

"Many thanks to Thomas Cott for providing food for thought each day..."
—Stephanie Kulke, July 21, 2010, on her blog Kickstart Marketing

"About two weeks ago my boss...forwarded me an email. At the time, I didn't think much of it; it was a suggestion to sign-up for e-newsletters from Thomas Cott. The newsletter dealt with issues of the Arts Management world, from opera to theatre, regional, touring houses, raising money, and e-marketing. It's a bundle of business information tailored perfectly for Arts Administration. If you're even remotely interested in Arts Management, I highly suggest signing up for it."
R.S. Coffee, June 25, 2010, on the blog VTA: Behind The Curtain

"For the past several years, my morning coffee companion has been 'You've Cott Mail,' a daily roundup of the very latest arts industry news distilled into a simple email, readable in under five minutes. In my opinion, any professional in the performing arts should view it as their Daily Variety – vital for staying abreast of industry news and trends."
—Ciara Pressler, May 12, 2010, Fractured Atlas blog

"Where I get my theater news.  If you enjoyed yesterday's blog, then you shouldn't thank me. You should thank Mr. Thomas Cott... He's an incredibly dedicated believer in spreading ideas and information in order to encourage education, which by its nature encourages change.  [He] runs a news clipping service called 'You've Cott Mail,' where he serves up a handful of the day's most interesting arts related articles from around the globe...  YCM is a like a vegetable that tastes like french fries.  It's oh-so-good for you and should be consumed daily, but it also tastes great going down.... Consuming news in the 21st century is not like it used to be when you had one paper, or one TV channel.  The best news sources are like giant buffets, serving up dishes of all different types and temperatures from all over the world.  'You've Cott Mail' [is one] of the best buffets in town.  And I gorge myself every day."

—Ken Davenport, April 9, 2010, on his blog The Producer's Perspective

"Is Thomas Cott the Steven Colbert of arts administrators?  I ask, only half in jest, based on the similarities between the much lauded Colbert Bump and our own recently experienced Cott Bump. The Colbert Bump is the hypothesis that politicians experience a 'bump' in their popularity immediately after appearing on the Stephen Colbert show.  Thomas Cott curates 'You've Cott Mail', an invaluable aggregate of the weekday's most important arts related news. Yesterday, he featured a post of ours, and we experienced the second highest ever number of hits on our website and blog, aka, The Cott Bump.  I jestingly bring up this Cott Bump to make a slightly more serious point: this Bump is second only to the previous record of hits established when the New York Times published their positive review of Pretty Theft. I think this is fascinating - that an email listserv administered by one dedicated advocate could drive nearly as many people (502 vs 616) to our work as the Paper of Record. Of course, the Times review was significant in that it translated directly into tickets sales, something the Cott Bump has not (yet!) done. But in the ongoing discussion of how we reach new audiences, I thought this was worth sharing.  And to return the bump...why not sign up for 'You've Cott Mail'?"

—August Schulenberg, October 6, 2009, Flux Theatre Ensemble's blog

"If you’re interested in the business side of show business, and you like news story aggregation, you should absolutely sign up."  
—Kristoffer Diaz, April 13, 2009, on his blog

"Mr. Cott’s brief five- or six-link daily dispatches, culled from blogs, major media sources and industry journals, thoughtfully curated and carefully excerpted to provide a quick read, give me a quick heads-up and provide me with plenty to explore as time allows. I highly recommend that you subscribe."
—Brad L. Graham, February 9, 2009, on his blog Modern Flack

"Does everyone know about the fantastic daily newsletter 'You've Cott Mail'?  If not, I highly recommend getting yourself on the mailing list."
—Amanda Ameer, January 20, 2009, ArtsJournal.com blog "Life's A Pitch"

"Each weekday I receive an email that highlights a handful of arts-related stories captured from the internet.  The stories are culled and distributed by Thomas Cott...a much-admired, New York-based arts administrator, currently director of marketing for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.  When he was marketing director for Lincoln Center [Theater], I wanted his job.  Not so much anymore.  I just want the email.
—Robert Sweibel, January 20, 2009, Berkeley Rep blog

"Subscribe to 'You've Cott Mail.'  Thomas Cott has a profoundly useful service where he emails you the day's top arts related stories.  It's a great way to stay informed."
—Adam Thurman, December 20, 2008, Mission Paradox Blog

"Big thanks to Thomas Cott for the great daily dose of news bits of what’s happening in the Broadway and live entertainment biz with [his] amazing newsletter."
—Damian Bazadona, September 2008, Situation Marketing website

"Fun Stuff:  If you don’t already subscribe to Thomas Cott’s 'You've Cott Mail,'  it’s a useful daily digest of arts news that is informative and manageable." 
—Teresa Eyring, Executive Director, Theatre Communications Group, June 2008 Field Letter

"Some of you may have seen this video since it went viral beginning of last year. I encountered it only today via great art and culture blogger Thomas Cott's daily You’ve Cott Mail bulletin (I highly recommend signing up for his great daily emails)." 
—posted April 2008 on the blog 'Because It's Our Prerogative'

"Every day at work I receive a gift in my Microsoft Outlook: a daily recap of the biggest stories in the arts and theater world compiled by one Thomas Cott, who used to be our marketing consultant.  This little electronic jewel is entitled 'You've Cott Mail.' (get it?)" 
—posted February 2008 on the blog 'What Was All That One In A Million Talk?'

"Thomas Cott has had an incredible career...he has been involved with over fifty shows on Broadway, and more than fifty shows in off-Broadway and regional theaters.  Funnily enough, he is now as well known (almost) for a daily email that he sends called 'You’ve Cott Mail,' a digest of articles published online that has virally grown to be an enormous resource for arts professionals..." 
—Kris Stewart, January 2007, ArtsHub.com

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