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Live in/visiting the NJ/NY/PA area? Want to see a great comic?
Then visit my friend John Poveromo's FaceBook page for clips and upcoming show dates.

Who knows, you might even see me there!

Everyone loves my away messages as GitEmSteveDave, but since I never take them down, it's hard to tell if I am truely away. Well, now you can.
I'm up to three cameras now, each updating every 4 minutes or so. I forget they are on, so view at your own risk. ;-)

If the light is on, and you don't see me, I'm home but probably outside with the horses or doing farm stuff.

Like the cam? Even if you don't, Instant Message Me W/ suggestions
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Check out my Live Journal. Get into the mind of me. If you dare.......

Check out the NEW JerseyCam Galleries on JerseyCam, LiveJournal, and PhotoBucket for off-Cam events and current photos.

Or, if you wanna talk, you can call me on GoogleVoice @908-912-GESD:

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