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Verizon Bargaining Update
Verizon has approached the Union to start bargaining for the 2008 contract several months earlier then planned.  Verizon has indicated that the only issue they want to bring to the bargaining table is Health Care.  The Local Union Presidents in the Mid-Atlantic and North areas of Verizon will be meeting to discuss the early bargaining proposal and will be responding to Verizon very soon.
Check back here for updates.  As we get the information it will be posted directly here.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please see your Union Representative or click the link below to have your comments sent directly to the Union Office.  If you choose to send your comments via the form below you do not have to include your name or e-mail address but if you are not specific in your comments we may not be able to address your concern.
Thank you!

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Cingular Wireless
to our Union!!

New sections will be added in the near future for members of Cingular Wireless.  Have a suggestion of information you would like to see us have in the web page for you?  E-mail Michael Biddle cwalocal13100@verizon.net

Check out Cingular Wireless!

CWA Members Ratify Cingular Wireless 'Orange Contract'

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Visit the new Memories Phot Album from past activities in the old Diamond State Telephone, Bell Atlantic and Verizon. 

Click here to go to the Memories Photo Page

New Direct Web Address!!  www.cwalocal13100.com

Vincent & Patricia Maisano Labor Scholarship Award



The award is being presented as a tribute to the second CWA District 13 International Vice President and the former Secretary-Treasurer of CWA Local 13000.  Both of these individuals retired in April of 2005.

Vince and Pat both placed a high priority on education.  On October 7, 2005, this award was established at Vince & Pat's retirement celebration.  The 2nd annual award will be presented in 2007. 


All CWA District 13 members, their spouses, children and grandchildren (including dependents of laid-off, retired or deceased CWA District 13 members) who are or were members in good standing at the time of separation from the Union may apply.  Applicants must be high school graduates or at least high school students who will graduate during the year in which they apply.  Undergraduate and graduate students returning to schooling my also apply.  Prior winners may not apply.


One (1) scholarship, to be paid at the rate of $1,000.00 annually will be awarded.


Applications will be accepted during the months of December through March.  Final deadline is March 31st of the year in which the scholarship will be awarded.


The winner will be chosen by lottery drawing and only the winner will be notified.


To learn more information about the scholarship award, please visit the site at http://district13.cwa-union.org/scholarship/

The application can be downloaded at http://files.cwa-union.org/District13/Application.pdf

Your right to proper Union Representation


It is your choice of who (Union Representative) to have for your union representation when going into any discussion with management that you feel representation is necessary.  Management for the company does not get to pick and choose the person (Union Representative) they want to represent you in any type of discussion or meeting.


If there is no Union Representative available to represent you, the meeting or discussion will be held until a Union Representative or Union Officer is available to represent you. 


Never go alone.  We say this time and time again, but the company can not take retaliation against you for exercising your rights under the collective bargaining agreement (contract).  We must be informed of any tactics of intimidation that you feel may have been expressed to you to not seek union representation in any meeting or discussion. 


This would also apply to any investigatory meeting that the Company or Security has called you into.  We encourage all members to see Union Representation when you go into any investigatory meeting with the Company or Security.  It is also your right when going into any meeting with the Company or Security to stop the meeting and seek proper Union Representation.  This can not be denied.  It is never too late once you go into a meeting alone to stop the meeting and get proper Union Representation.  If you have been intimidated or threatened into not seeking proper Union Representation when in an investigatory meeting, the Union must be notified IMMEDIATELY.



Please see a union representative if you have any questions.


Your FMLA Point of Contact

Hello, my name is Vickie Kintzer and in case you're not familiar with who I am, I'm the CWA rep responsible for handling issues for FMLA, MetLife Disability and Restrictions.    My phone number is 866-248-4449 and fax number 610-921-4358.    I'm the one to call when you have any FMLA or disability/restriction questions that you're searching for an answer to.

When in doubt, always call and ask so we can take care of any issue up front.   I have a hard time correcting errors after the FMLA admin review period has expired.  If you don't know how to apply for FMLA, who you need  to notify or what the doctor has to provide for your absence, call me and I'll help you through the certification form for the doctor.   If you get denied, make sure you call me for you only get ONE chance at correcting the error during your 14 day appeal period of time.  If I'm not available when you call, leave me a message and I will always return the call ASAP.

On MetLife issues, you need to make sure that you are contacting them by the 8th calendar day to cover any short term disability period of time.  Also remember that you need to submit your FMLA certification form to ARC even on disability cases for one dept doesn't correspond with the other, go figure.  Any issues with MetLife, call me to get resolved.




Vickie Kintzer


Tell Us What's Bugging You?

Our jobs are very stressful without the little things going on around us to make it more stressful.  Sometimes we can address these issues in the quarterly stress meeting with the company, and sometimes we can address them one on one with the person (management or associate).  There are also times when we might not be able to address the situation until we have more information from our members, but when we do we will have the information in with us to do a effective presentation.

Click here to fill out your comment form

Stress Meetings

The Executive Board and the Management team meet quaterly to conduct a stress meeting to discuss the stress and related issues in the office.  If there are any issues you would like to have addressed, please be specific and click the link below.  You comments will be sent via this web page to the Union office.  All comments are sent to us annonymously to protect your idenity.  Please take the time and share your concerns with us.

BSC Stress Survey

CSSC Stress Survey

RMBC Stress Survey

Requirements for eligibility for using FMLA

(by Vicki Kintzer 1-19-06)

There's a lot of confusion on the 1250 hours requirement vs 12 weeks of FMLA every calendar year.

There are three requirements for eligibility for using FMLA.   

  1. On a company's payroll for 1 year   
  2. Having some of the 12 weeks of FMLA allotment to use (Vz using the calendar year as counting the 12 weeks so everyone got 12 weeks Jan 1, 2006)  
  3. At the time of any absence, the company will count BACKWARD in the previous year to determine if the 1250 hours worked was met.   

This is the area where our settlement comes in regarding "chronic conditions" where an open certification on file negates that need.   If there's no chronic certification on file, ARC will count back.    Those cases where employees were only certified for say a short term disability case without the doctor including "future intermittent absences or treatment on that same certification form" will need to appeal with a form filled out by the doctor and a letter from the doctor associating the "approved short term condition" as the same condition as this current absence being deemed "ineligible".    The employee takes that medical information from the doctor to do the "admin review" written request by the employee so initiate approval of that absence and establish an open certification.

Folks are getting confused about exhausting the 12 weeks but having the hours worked.    They are getting disciplined for exhausting their 12 weeks of FMLA time and they want to know why since they have over 1250 hours worked and qualified before.

You can't use FMLA time no matter how many hours worked you have if there's nothing left of the 12 weeks in that calendar year.
This message is from Vicki Kintzer.  If you have FMLA questions, please call her at 1-866-248-4449

Does The Company & ARC Have Your Correct Total Of Hours Worked For Your FMLA Certification?
It is very important for all members that have a chronic serious health condition that is covered under FMLA to track their hours worked.  Many times in the past the Company has made mistakes which have resulted in the discipline/termination of the member.  Errors in the way the Company and ARC track the members hours worked has many flaws.  Never rely in the Company or ARC when you have been denied FMLA certification due to not having worked the 1250 hours the previous year (365 days, 366 in leap year).  Time and again the Union has proven the flaws to the Company, but the problems continue.   
A tracking program has been designed by CWA Local 13100 for our members to track their daily hours worked that will give you a weekly total, 52 week low, 53 week high of your hours worked. 

Have you recently moved, changed your mailing address or your phone number? 


Please let us know when you have any change of your information.  Such changes we need to be informed of would be:


          Name change

          Address change

          Phone number change

          e-mail address change

Personal Information Change Form


Death In Family


The Union has become aware that management for the Company has been asking for documentation from some union members when taking time off for a death in family.  If you are asked to provide documentation (copy of obituary, information of deceased name and relation, name of funeral home were services are provided through or some other form of documentation from funeral home, etc.) contact a Union Representative before providing any information.  We will speak to that management person to see why such information is being asked for.  There are times when the company does have justifiable reason, but other times it is a form of harassment and intimidation to you the member.


For guidelines what is considered “family” please refer to A4.09 in your contract book or go online here at the link below.

2003 DSTCU ~ CWA Local 13100 Contract

Temporary Full Time Employee Union Rights


All Temporary Full Time employees with the company are entitled to Union Representation at any time you are in a discussion with the Company.  Temporary Full Time employees have the same union representation rights as any other due’s paying member.  In the past the Union has been made aware of an incorrect message conveyed to the Temporary Full Time employees that they do not have union rights.  THIS IS TOTALLY INCORRECT. 


Any questions please see a Union Representative.


One Easy Web Address To Remember
CWA Local 13100 now has their own domain name.  Its www.cwalocal13100.com.  That will take you right to our web page that will be kept up to date with news you should know.  We apologize that since bargaining 2003 it fell to the back burner, but now its back with more information.  Have a thought for improvement, we are open for suggestions.  E-mail us at cwalocal13100@verizon.net.  We check the e-mail daily.

Become a member of the Diamond State Federal Credit Union

The Diamond State Federal Credit Union, located in New Castle, offers the people of the area complete financial services. You'll never feel like just an account number at this credit union. Members are always assisted courteously and efficiently. The staff and directors are committed to giving their members the best personal and financial service possible. Business and organizations in the New castle area are eligible to offer their employees credit union memberships.

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ACFC Caring for your family & work

The ACFC is a joint CWA and Verizon committee bargained-for especially to meet the family and daily-life needs of the CWA membership in the mid-Atlantic region. The Council includes members from many sectors of union and management all dedicated to helping you and your family thrive.

Click here to visit the ACFC site

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