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"My Mother Told Me To Pick The Very Best One",Card Receiver/Tulip Vase

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In earlier centuries a common device found in the entrance ways of many homes was a card receiver.  The card receiver's function was to receive the "calling cards", of visitors to the home and appear as a decorative object while performing its function.  "Calling Cards", were rooted in the pomp and circumstance of 18th and 19th century courtship rituals.  When a gentleman went to call on a young woman for the first time he would not visit with her, but simply leave his "calling card", in hopes that the young woman would be interested, if so she would return her own "calling card", to the home of the gentleman as a sign of her interest.  After this exchange a meeting would be arranged.  What I have created for the young woman is a card receiver that acts as an advertisement for the type of suitor she is seeking and describes the type who need not leave a card.  It is equipped with two holding slots at the top, labeled "it", and "not it", for the desired and undesirable cards.