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Pricing includes pre-tour planning & itinerary assistance, transportation services, step-on guides, admissions, meals, information services and referrals.


BBH TOURS services large conventions, family reunions, youth groups, churches and colleges, schools and senior groups each year.


Due to different budgets, some groups choose to do more while on tour.  Some include more sites which have admission fees, others may wish to include lunch or dinner or steamed crabs on their tour.  Please select the price range that is most suitable to your budget based on the number of people coming on the tour.


Please consider this items when planning your tour.

A deposit is required to reserve all tours.

Date of your tour:

Do you have your own transportation?

Number of People:

Number of Hours: 2      3   4   5   6   7   8   12, multi-days

Best price for your group… pick one.

$10-$15 per person

$15-$20 per person

$20-$25 per person

$25-$35 per person

$35-$50 per person

* Remember to base your tour on your budget!!!
All tour require a signed tour agreement and a deposit. Deposits vary based on tour services. United States Post Office money order is the preferred currency as well as credit card payments. Checks are accepted.
Information Only Service
For clients/customers who require information services only the fee is $50.00. If you require assistance in itineray planning, but do not need other services the fee is $75.00.
Additional payments are scheduled as agreed.  All tour fees must be paid within two weeks of the tour service.
Refund Policy
In lieu of a refund policy, BBH TOURS offers a credit only policy which all deposits and credits to your acount remain in effect for one year. Example, Mr. Smith submits deposits and payments for a tour dated Jaunary 1, 2008 and decides to cancel or postpone, all his payments are credited and he has until January 1, 2009 to utilize the funds for another tour date.

Make your check payable to
PO BOX 3014
Attn: Lou Fields

Tours are flexible and vary based on your needs.

Tour fees may range from $10.00-$50.00 per person depending on the tour service, groups discounts are available.

BBH TOURS also accepts credit cards payments.

Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at:

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