"...with fourteen researchers, I could do something my targets seem incapable of doing - get my facts straight." (Al Franken, Lies ..., p. xiii)
"Telling the truth is something I take seriously, and I try to hold myself to an impossibly high standard." (Al Franken, Lies..., p. 352

Al Franken - "Lies"

His lies, of course.


Or, How I B!7@# -Slapped Al Franken.


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Al Franken grabs and beats to the floor a protestor at a Howard Dean rally; Jan.27, 2004

Franken threatens Laura Ingraham's producer; Aug 29, 2004.
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"You can't debate satire. Either you get it or you don't." - Michael Moore the New Yorker Feb.16th & 23rd 2004.

"Thanks to TeamFranken, you can rest assured that almost every fact in this book is correct. Either that, or it's a joke. If you think you've found something that rings untrue, you've probably just missed a hilarious joke, and should blame yourself rather than me or TeamFranken." - Al Franken - Lies, p.xiv


Ahh words to live by for the way to shroud one's lies and hide behind them. "Nah it's just satire - and you don't get it." Well Al Franken has been called on his satirical nonsense; and that even before "Lies" was released. He sent letters to 27 people; one of who was Attny. Gen. Ashcroft. After he was found out and caught in an outright lie, he was forced to send written apologies (poor boy). He even tried to lie about the lie on CNN with Paula Zahn. Text here.

Of the Bill O'Reilly apology Al Franken said: "I thought O'Reilly's apology about misleading the country on weapons of mass destruction on the eve of war was uncharacteristically gracious." HOLD ON!! O'Reilly didn't say anything about "misleading the country". And if he didn't say it, I guess he wouldn't have to apologize for it either! Franken is telling lies and misleading --again. Oh wait, maybe it was satire. NOT!

O'Reilly had said: "And I said on my program, if -- if -- the Americans go in and overthrow Saddam Hussein and it's clean, he has nothing, I will apologize to the nation, and I will not trust the Bush administration again." Hmmm, I don't see him "misleading the country". He trusted that the intel about the WMDs was correct. Franken must like to put words in people's mouths. Franken did say that people call him [Franken] a smart a$$; and for good reason if you look at what he said. I can't see where the apology is "about" misleading the country. That is just what Franken thinks of O'Reilly. I thought Franken was a big "truth" person that based everything on research and held himself to "an impossibly high standard." And he thrashed those who offered opinions instead of facts. Well Mr. Franken, keep your opinions to yourself as well! Oh wait; it's all just satire. Oh man!

Al Franken is obsessed with the fact that if a book has endnotes instead of footnotes, then the author must be hiding something (no wait- you're lying). I just thank my lucky stars that the Bible has footnotes. Otherwise Franken could just say the Bible was fiction as well. All these people believing the Bible was true and following it's teachings all these years would be shocked to find out that Franken must indeed be God. I wonder what the Pope would think of him then? Oh wait, God told Franken to write the book... maybe he's just a messenger. I wonder what the Pope thinks of Supply Side Jesus then? Oh wait; it's all just satire. Silly me.

Franken runs an entire section in the beginning of Lies on "How to Lie with Footnotes." Tip #1: don't have footnotes. Even while Ann Coulter continually claims on the talk shows that she has footnotes and that "there are thirty-five pages of footnotes," Franken points out that she doesn't have a single footnote. She has endnotes, which are eminently more difficult to reference as you read along. On Ann Coulter's website she replies to this as follows: "Franken hysterically accuses me of "lying" for calling my endnotes "footnotes" in interviews on my book. Yes, notes at the end of a book are technically "endnotes," not "footnotes." Franken will have to take his case up with The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post and the rest of the universe -- all of which referred to my 780 endnotes as "FOOTNOTES." Also, God, for inventing the concept of "colloquial speech." Maybe its just satire Ms. Coulter. Who knows?

Well then, I guess all my college textbooks are lies as well. They all had endnotes. Wow, I guess Franken is repealing the laws of Physics, Chemistry, Math, and all pure science as we know it. We should now all look to Al Franken as the Father of Modern Science and Math because obviously he knows more than the Collegiate Doctors who wrote the textbooks. How could any of them know more than Al Franken anyway? He went to Harvard you know. Besides, they all used endnotes instead of footnotes in the textbooks. And they should know that means you're lying. Oh wait; it's all just satire. I just don't get it I guess.

The Democratic party has been angry for years that no one is attacking Conservative radio and TV hosts. Al Gore made mention around 2001 that he wanted to start his own Liberal TV station to quell the nonsense on all the Conservative networks. What Conservative stations? FOX he must mean. But Alan Colmes' Red, White, and Liberal says there are plenty of Liberal hosts on FOX. And as Jay Leno said about Gore, "No Liberal stations? What about ABC, CBS, NBC, Comedy Central, CNN..." So Al Franken has been hand picked by the Clintons, Al Gore, and the DNC to attack Conservatives in any way possible. This is to get the Conservative host angry and mouth off on the air and then lose viewers as the Liberals tell everyone what a "crazy" that person was and the Liberals are the ones to listen to. Well, Limbaugh never mentioned Franken's "Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot" on the air. Oh boo hoo, Clinton! Wipe those big alligator tears away! Here's one report on Dems picking Franken. Franken has already said he is currently in the works to do a "Hannity and Colmes" type show with Rush Limbaugh. Of course that was probably satire. I have no clue.

Franken's assessment of Ann Coulter's Slander was taken from information already dug up by SpinSanity's Bryan Keefer. Franken mentions this on p. 11. And on p. 376 SpinSanity is listed as a "great resource". What does Keefer say about the rest of Franken's Lies on 9/12/2003? After a cursory view he comes up with a few! It's not satire either!

Again Al Franken is introduced as a "author/humorist" and not a "satirist". Rich Lowry is a National Review editor.Also the author of Legacy: Paying the Price for the Clinton Years which forces Franken to respond because everyone knows where Franken's paycheck comes from.

Round 1

Al's New Book! And plenty more lies to look at; (his of course!)

The new book. A breakdown below.




Here's a breakdown of The Truth from the always entertaining frankenlies.com.


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His last book. The breakdown below.








The following links are the product of one man and hours, days, and weeks of research. He is not a Harvard graduate but yet has the drive to dig and find the truth. This is something that today's pundits have little or no time for (truth or research integrity.) It is intended as an honest challenge/ critique to a published work. I wanted to be one of the few sites to link to his site and not squander the value of his time and energy.

Find his site at frankenlies.com

More Franken lies found at planetfranken.tripod.com. They are linked in the white boxes.

Probably the best Al Franken site. It's the Official Al Franken Homepage! They are linked in the orange boxes.


14 Harvard researchers! ... An "impossibly high standard"! ...
What more could one ask for? The truth, maybe?


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