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An Open Letter To Michael Moore

I've been sending the following email to Michael Moore since Feb. the 16th 2004:

Dear Mr. Moore,

In regards to the article posted on your website entitled: “Peter Jennings is Reckless!” you are in error on a key issue. Peter Jennings was talking with Wesley Clark who was formerly in the armed forces. Peter Jennings asks Gen. Clark why he [Clark] did not contradict you [Michael Moore] when you called Pres. Bush a “deserter”. Gen. Clark skirted the issue by saying he had not researched to find out if “Michael Moore's opinion” as he called it, was correct or incorrect (an opinion and not the truth? Even Clark knows!). The way Gen.Clark would find out would be to examine records and then compare them to the law regarding desertion: “Punitive Articles of the UCMJ; Article 85- Desertion (copy of text here: http://usmilitary.about.com/library/milinfo/mcm/bl85.htm).

So you see Mr. Moore, this country's laws are run from the law books- not Webster’s Dictionary. Reckless and not supported by the facts? That description here, it seems, only belongs to you, Mr. Moore.

How long will it take you Michael Moore, to apologize to Peter Jennings, President Bush, and to the American people? We are waiting.



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