Talking points versus evidence and the facts.
--The Political Arena Mission Statement.--

Current political pundits polarize the American people and the political arena. Partisanship separates further into the political "wings". There is no talk about what is best for the Republic. There is only talk about what is best for the "Party", and about what is the "worst" in the other party. And now talking points have become the nouveau truth. Based on nothing more than a bad spin on here say, opinion, and conjecture, these talking points are empty of any facts or proof (or links to the facts or proof). Those who write them are excessively polemic, generally void of temperance, and have never read any book regarding American History in their entire life. This last point becomes even more apparent when you show facts from American History that refute their talking points and expose ignored details about the past and present figures they hold as flawless.

These pages are written for those who have a problem with the current administration and, 1) have forgotten what happened during past administrations or, 2) think that removing the President from office will magically heal the country's woes. This page is not for Americans who have a problem with the U.S. government policies in general or just plain hate the U.S. These people need to relocate themselves and see if they'll give freedom of speech in another country. This area is based on documentation. If you find something in error, email me with proof and documentation of that proof and I will retract and print the proof and your name if requested. Please keep the "just plain whining" to the Forums section.