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Divided opinion on Holiday sales.

Big companies have to mute holiday parties.

Astronaut invents zero-G coffee cup.

Crude Oil Tumbles to Lowest Since May 2005 as Consumption Drops.

Many Dealings of Bill Clinton Are Under Review

Lawmakers, Investors Ask Fed for Lending Disclosure.

Obama chooses "questionable" economic advisors.

Feds not releasing donor's names of the $2 trillion of emergency loans.

Governor Schwarzenegger Proposes $4.4 Billion in Tax Increases.

California stops gay marriage amid Obama victory.

Obama wins; Tina Fey unemployed; lines forming in DC for free handouts.

Another Drop for Oil Prices.

Iceland raises their interest rate to 18 percent.

Almost Everyone Would Do Better Under the McCain Health Plan.

Bali bombing terrorists about to be executed.

US Dollar gaining stength on Wall Street.

U.S. drops charges against 5 Guantanamo captives.

California Saved by Mom, Pop.

Spanish Police Arrest 13 Suspects in Terror Raids.

Bush Exceeded Power by Withholding Cheney Comments, Report Says.

Bad economic predictions for next year starting already.

Mad Money's Jim Cramer apologizes for apologizing.

More than 300 illegal immigrants arrested in South Carolina

A 2006 'terror plot' Canadian found guilty.

Report: Corruption in Poor Countries Threatens Fight Against Poverty

Senator McCain doesn't know how to use a computer?

McCain likes Mario Cuomo as SEC head.

Vermont candidate to prosecute Bush if she wins.

Japan's PM hopeful fails to acknowledge family use of slave labour.

Pakistan army not happy with US military.

Best Buy To Acquire Napster For $121 Million.

OPEC cuts production. They need the money.

More Oil price confusion.

Oil down; storm concerns wane, OPEC talk calms.

Palin Divides Women Voters, Even Her Closest Friends.

More of Oprah's bigotry becomes evident.

Oil drops again. There's no stopping it.

Australia reveals new costs for curbing emissions.

Americans cut down on summer driving - Mastercard

Oil prices drop after hurricane.

Nearly 50 more militants killed on Pakistan-Afghan border.

Extremely bad news for the entertainment industry.

World Trade Center Building 7 felled by fire, not explosives, study finds.

US troops 'to quit Iraq by 2011'.

Pakistan army: 16 terrorists killed in northwest.

More Al Franken doubletalk.

Google investing *big* in alternative energy.

Oil jumps above $115 after dollar weakens vs euro.

Pelosi betraying voters again.

US dollar rises again against Euro.

Another new "Mohammed" book slammed.

Senator Obama supports continued/extended offshore oil drilling.

Pakistani clashes kill over 50 Taliban.

John Edwards admits to extramarital affair.

Calif. panel approves plan for desalination plant.

M'bishi Motors to test electric car with US firms.

Cindy McCain is injured by a handshake.

Yemen: Suspected Qaeda House Raided

Al-Zawahiri criticizes Musharraf, calls Pakistanis to jihad.

Bernie Mack dies?

Senator Obama will be in trouble at Democratic Convention.

Large breathru in Solar technology from MIT.

Collegiate football Coaches Poll released.

Microsoft mad over negative reports Vista.

Obama trip leaves confidence little changed: poll

China screwing US businesses at G-7.

What's tougher to get than a same-sex marriage? A same-sex divorce.

60 percent skipping Vista; Hey, it sux!

Promising news from Iraq.

Will Obama be another President Carter?

Obama has 7-point edge on McCain: Reuters poll

Oil slips more than $9 a barrel in 2-days

"Patriotism" from the Obama camp.

US Oil Consumption Falls Back To 2002 Level.

Group says "air rage" could be cured with smoking pot.

Doomsayers predict new world oil crunch.

Woman beats 7-foot-3 sex offender with baseball bat.

Cross-dressing teens get own school bathroom.

Study: Pot at its most potent level in 30 years.

Spike Lee takes hit over portrayal of Italians

Al Franken up to his old tricks; Lies.

America's Unhealthiest Drinks Exposed.

WCI student isolates microbe that lunches on plastic bags.

Food Report Criticizes Biofuel Policies.

How to Solve the Rubik Cube in Six-Seconds Flat

Insiders tell what went wrong with the Clinton campaign.

US House blocks Iraq war money, sets pullout plan.

Death toll reaches 12,000 in China.

Guantanamo releasee involved in deadly suicide attack.

New Russian President sworn in.

Holy Crap: MacGyver Blockbuster Film Coming!

Acquittals in groom's shooting spark outrage.

Oil Prices keep on the up-rise.

Yale: Student's Abortion-Art Is Hoax.

China leads world in executions, report finds.

Company thinks Mexicans are taking back North Mexico from the US.

Vista being retired already.

Judge: Learn English or go to jail.

Support for Senator Clinton waning.

Happy Easter, all!

Sunspots are gone and the Earth gets cooler.

Al Franken has election in the bag.

More on the Wheat and Corn Prices.

Global Warming: CO2 output must cease altogether.

Hamas declares victory, anti-Semite American media reports.

Fuchu Prison inmate commits suicide with chopstick

Supreme Court rejects wiretap suit.

Clothing designer Vivienne Westwood protests.

Election Delegates to date.

Utah couple rescued after 12 days missing in deep snow.

Berkeley to Marines: You're 'not welcome in our city'.

Romney suspends presidential campaign.

Old news: Edwards drops out.

Clinton, Obama engage in bitter debate.

Dallas suburb bans rentals to illegal immigrants.

Who Would The World Elect for the President of the United States?

Bank Of America To Buy Countrywide.

UN in control in Darfur.

Walking For Impeachment.

CIA Realizes It's Been Using Black Highlighters All These Years.

Archbishop of Canterbury Dismisses Nativity Scene as Nothing but 'Legend'

Germany cries foul on EU enforcing Global Warming.

Media Reports 6 Bogus Stories in 6 Weeks!

Cindy Sheehan: Impeach Pelosi.

Violence in Iraq is at the lowest level since liberation.

Wal-Mart Yanks Pink 'Credit Card' Panties Off Racks.

Quiet Riot Singer's Death Ruled Overdose.

Oil drops; Gold raises.

Poll shows Clinton, Giuliani down big.

Corruption in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Australia’s government moves to the Left.

Supreme Court to Hear Second Amendment Case.

Gold prices drop. So do the oil prices.

OPEC happy with oil price drop; Chavez angry.

Problems evolving hybrid autos.

China Bars Exports by 750 Toy Makers.

American Latinos now see the betrayal from Democrats.

Al Franken predicts 2008 election.

More betrayal: Democrats no longer pushing Iraq pullout bills.

Tax-evading couple arrested at their N.H. compound.

Scores arrested at Iraq war protest.

Survey: Less Than Half of all Published Scientists Endorse Global Warming Theory

Microsoft admits Vista not all it was cracked up to be.

13 year old virus attacks modern PCs running Vista.

What If Existed 65 Years Ago? Calls General Petraeus a Traitor.

Book points out the "truth" about Israel.

Media reports Katrina anniversary (incorrectly.)

Global Warming and eating meat.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigns.

Surprising CIA reports found.

‘Daily Show’ sending correspondent to Iraq.

Chavez wants to tear up their Constitution.

Merv Griffin dies at 82

Sheehan makes the formal announcement to run against Pelosi.

How to deal with Iran.

Congress' approval rating now 3%!

California voting machines hacked in experiment.

Ex-Firefighter in Bikini Accepts Plea Deal

Bikini-clad mowers offer lawn care with a twist.

Greatest Living American Ignored.

Lou Dobbs is mad as h3!!

Sheehan Versus Pelosi?

Democrats to renew pressure to withdraw troops from Iraq.

Happy 4th of July, 2007!

The House accepts a pay raise without a fight.

More publicity for Michael Moore.

Jubilant Paris Hilton out of jail

Global Warming "facts" slowly eroding.

Al Gore Caught Warming Globe To Increase Box Office Profits.

States taking the helm on greenhouse gas emissions.

Justice swift for JFK airport plot suspects.

Iran's secret plan for summer offensive to force US out of Iraq.

Bomb smugglers captured in Iraq.

Taliban replaces slain top commander with brother.

Barak Obama involved in censorship already.


Global Warming alarmists trying to decrease terrorism security world-wide.

The truth about Pfc. Jessica D. Lynch; from the deputy commander.

House Barely Passes Iraq Pullout Timetable bill.

Canada joins anti-Kyoto bloc.

Dave Chappelle performs for record 6 hours.

Prenatal smoking tied to attention problems.

Al-Queda bombs explode in Iraqi Parliament.

Cruise Ship Sinks on Mediterranean Reef.

Zamboni driver skates by drunken driving law.

Circuit City Fires 3,400 "Overpaid" Employees.

Plastic grocery bags to be banned.

Dems get withdrawl thru House and Senate.

Top 20 jobs in US.

Schwarzenegger calls Limbaugh 'irrelevant'.

Filmmakers question Michael Moore's tactics.

Kennedy Shifts Tactics on an Immigration Measure.


The Democrat-controlled Congress has a lower approval rating than President Bush.

India to outsource paperwork to American firm.

The Myth of the Middle, Moderate voters.

What exactly is "virtuous lobbying"?


Tougher Tactics Deter Migrants at U.S. Border.

Blair Announces Iraq Withdrawal Plan.

Al-Qaida releases ‘Holocaust of the Americans’.

Smile, you're on Big Brother's in-plane camera.

Girl, 10, arrested in beating inside Target.

Venezuela to help finance Bolivia's coca production.

Are You a Liberal Anti-Semite? Take this quiz and find out.

Arrest in Spain of Alleged Key GSPC-Al Qaeda Terrorist.

Punxsutawney Phil Predicts Early Spring.

Democrats compromise, betray voter's trust.

Drugmaker to test fat-fighting marijuana drug.

President Carter apologizes.

Richardson could be ’08’s most dangerous candidate.

O'Reilly and Colbert guest on each other's shows.

Navy develops 8-Megajoule railgun, Nukem bows down.

Sen. Barack Obama testing the Democrats.

Defeat in Iraq is assured, if that's what Americans choose.

50 more terrorists killed by Iraqi troops.

10 Commandment monument causes problems.

We shall never forget how the Dems forced you into labor camps.

AP in very large fraud scandal.

703 out of 300,000,000 Americans Disapprove of Handling of Iraq War.

President Carter bashes the Jews and Israel.

Animal cruelty.

Sat nav sends ambulance 200 miles the wrong way.

Dems new takeover measures already in trouble.

Left wing at NBC to use "Civil War" to describe Iraq situation.

LATimes crying about Ecuador elections.

What is up with O.J.?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nancy Pelosi gets slapped hard.

Terrorism doesn't exist.

Far Left demands action from Dems NOW!!

Denise Richards hits women with tossed laptops.

Election results 2006. Read 'em here!

Yet another story ruined with bias.

President Bush is not the only "tongue tied" moron.

Who will determine next week's election.

Janitor’s secret past: a death squad.

OUCH! Man gets a nailgun to the jewels.

The Most Fuel-Efficient Cars Of 2006.

N.Y. mosque leaders convicted.

More Global Warming "Scare Tactics."

A kick in the face to environmental groups.

UTube caught in biased banning debacle.

7-Eleven Dumps Venezuela-Backed Citgo to Pump Own Brand.

Asia al-Qaida leader reportedly killed in Iraq.

Militia spread across Somalia, women arrested.

Dowd misquoting the Newsweek misquote.

Apple broadens iTunes use with PC-to-TV device.

Media provides cover for assault on traditional marriage.

CIA reports on terrorism.

Lethal Frisbee UAV to hunt down "evildoers".

Electronic prices are skyrocketing.

A Vote to Quit the Electoral College.

Major Gulf of Mexico Oil Discovery.

Demise of Tower Records sign of new digital age.

Hydrogen Power System Unveiled in Maine.

More espionage.

Bombay restaurant owner agrees to change name of his Hitler's Cross eatery.

Crime does pay. If it's supported by the Dems.

More truth unveiled.

Thought you'd heard it all...

China defeats rabies.

Prohibitively High Rocket-Fuel Prices Bring Mideast Crisis To Standstill.

Hezbollah almost totally defeated.

July sales tumble at U.S. automakers.

Iranian people don't support Hezbollah.

US asked to intervene from Arabs.

The Bush Administration: "We don't care!"

Manilow tunes annoy residents.

Religious Left can't get steam.

Hazleton approves illegal alien law.

Man fired for getting gassed on spilled ethanol at work.

Democrats are the most tolerant; NOT!

Enron founder Ken Lay dead.

Son’s laziness drives dad to court.

Not everyone hates the US.

Proxies at work are terrible!

NYT prints details of Classified missions in Iraq.

June is Torture Awareness month!!!

Hazleton Mayor and City Council get down with illegals.

Congress represents you; Or do they?

Senator Clinton pushing hard for 2008. Lots of negative responses.

California Supreme court smacks atheist Michael Newdow; AGAIN!

Time magazine caught in lies about Haditha.

The ongoing Ethanol debate.

Federal judge caught playing solitaire during a trial.

Al-Zarqawi got himself blown up.

Somalia in great shape since the Clinton involvement!

President Carter offer advice on Iran? Yeah right!

More Katrina blame. Bush not involved.

More political news from Tennessee.

ACLU bans it's own board members from dissent!

ABC news in trouble with truth; bloggers catch them again!

FTC finds no evidence of price gouging.

More people sent home from Guantanamo.

Even better news from Iraq.

Al-Queda recruiting in Boston mosque?

Ward Churchhill under fire and cries "Lies!"

Big city commutes and high energy prices.

Trade Deficit Drops for 2nd Straight Month.

Russia will pay you for babies.

Captured docs in Iraq: Al-Queda in very serious trouble.

Bush tax cuts really working.

Iraqis not blaming US for sectarian violence; Left is muddled and miffed.

Terrorism/American deaths down in Iraq. Left is speechless.

He said what?

There is Death in the Holiday pot!!

On Iraq, Short Memories.

Libby indictment signals fall in honesty?

DePaul University a cesspool of discrimination.

Steve Forbes has solutions for rebuilding New Orleans.

Knee-Jerk reaction to Dr. Bill Bennett.

Creationism gets more support according to polls.

Left-Wing hero goes Turn-Coat.

Pro Choice becoming scarce?

Want to give to G8? Think again.

ABC shifting to the right or controlled by the right?

Right-Wing Religious Fanatics--Religous Bigotry in America. finally responds!!

Right-Wing ploy to kill millions from the Left is foiled.

More elections you won't see in the news.

Senator Clinton speaking *against* abortion and *for* morals???

Dems pick Hillary for 2008 election.

3 million nickels found in yard.

CBS says: Bloggers, Conservative agenda; CBS reporters: no agenda.

Anti-Flag means unity??

Anna Kornikova back on the market, Gentlemen.

Bush Tax Proposal Would Hit Blue State Taxpayers.

Some say US no longer feels like home.

Moore means less.

Michael Moore is in hiding.

Madrid bombing security camera videos.

Kerry loses more votes again.

The Subject About Which Kerry Dare Not Ever Speak !

Darfur is ok! They are all happy and healthy and having a great time!!

More dissention...Only the good stuff.

Fake but accurate.

Stark Message for the Legacy Media.

Vietnam vets against Kerry protest in DC.

Bloggers are losers in pajamas.

George Bush Will be "Outed" and Dissed by Kitty Kelly.

Tom Maguire offers advice to the Bush team about attacks from Dems.

Another whopper from the Associated Press.

More on the Navy looking at Senator Kerry's medals.

Isn't this illegal??--Kerry's camp admits to outsourcing to 527s.

Severe involvement with 527s and Senator Kerry.

Al Franken in another fight. Who knew?

More on Partisan protestors.

Olympics were good for the President.

The monetary truth about 527s.

Senator Harkin pulled from Kerry campaign roster.

More from Senator Dole about Senator Kerry.

Double standards on "Hardball".

Senator Kerry in Cambodia cartoon.

Kerry's war record attacked--even from the left!!

Washington Post looks at Kerry's war record. Only the wrong story.

More Terror Arrests In Britain.

Where's the press' interest in Kerry's war records?

John Kerry's Monstrous Record on Civil Liberties .

The Kerry Campaign's Funny Math.

Bogus Privacy Scandal Reported in The New York Times.

Fact Checking

DNC 'Lawyers Up' Against the Club for Growth.

Proof of Kerry's "1968 Christmas in Cambodia" speech.

Kerry's service record distorted.

Polls: Kerry loses points after DNC in Boston.

Newspaper sues Moore over Fahrenheit lies.

Kerry’s Marine Photo Op Misfires.

Obama is right, or he's left, or he's right for the left and right.

Is this even news to us?

Bad news for Democrats- Part 1

Can a Doctor tell you're sick from your home movies?

Why Do Left-Leaning Films Get Box-Office Vote?

Poles call 9/11 film 'propaganda'.

Democrats bar Nader from convention.

Gay marriage isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Berger works for Kerry; What does Kerry know?

Missing report of "Clinton missing bin Laden" questioned by 9/11 Commission

Al-Jazeera, allowed; FOX, banned in Canada.

Is Afghanistan/Iraq a roadmap to Iran?

Prince Bandar’s "Power" – A Gift From John Kerry.

Purported bin Laden terror truce expires.

2nd largest US Newspaper chain printing lies and false corrections.

Hillary Clinton not offered to speak at Dem Convention.

The new Iraqi Security Forces getting the job done.

U.S. lawyer for Hussein seeking Supreme Court intervention.

James Lileks on Michael Moore's LA Times July 4th Article.

U.S. expels 2 Iranians for taking pictures.

Fund-Raiser, Linked to Democrat N.J. Gov., Indicted.

Oil-For-Food Probe Leader Dead.

Spin Sanity on Fahrenheit 9/11.

U.S. Troops Uncover Car Bomb Factory.

President Clinton's Book- Focus Not On Terrorism.

New Poll Numbers- Pres. Bush vs. Sen. Kerry.

The Franken-O'Reilly Feud Debunked.

New York Times: Bush Didn't Lie.

Truth about treatment at Abu Gharib.

Obama leaving "Liberal" for "Authoritarian" already.

Congressman Waxman ready to further ruin the country.

Why don't cars get 50 mpg?

Economists on the stimulus; It won't work.

International Con Man Barack Obama Leaves U.S. With $85 Million In Campaign Fund

Albright calls war in Iraq America's 'greatest disaster'

Circuit City Seeks Bankruptcy.

Oh. And btw, Michael Crichton died on Tuesday.

We find that, yes, it was all about race.

Obama says he didn't know aunt's illegal status.

Senator Obama trying hard to pull in Moderate voters.

20 Terrorists Reported Dead in U.S. Drone Attack in Pakistan

OPEC Agrees to Cut Production Quotas as Price Slumps.

What's up with GM, Chrysler, and Ford?

U.S. pilot was ordered to shoot down UFO.

Hundreds face Saudi terror trials.

Sarah Palin to appear on SNL.

For First Time in 16 Months, Oil Falls Below $70 a Barrel.

The Economy: Who's to blame?

GM Falls to Lowest Stock Price Since 1950.

Middle America not effected by bank problems.

Fed, ECB, Central Banks Cut Rates in Coordinated Move

Ebay to lay off 10% of it's workforce.

Dow Drops Below 10,000 for First Time Since 2004.

Bigotry amongst Southern Democrats a problem for Obama.

Palin looks better in debate Thurday night.

O'Reilly compares Pelosi to Hitler.

Pakistan says 1,000 militants killed near Afghan border.

German Police Arrest Terror Suspects.

The Biden Paradox: Help or Hindrance?

New Pakistani President almost assasinated.

McCain Proposes Sending Troops to South America to Invade Spain.

Senator Biden links tax on wealthy to patriotism.

Palin’s email account hacked.

FBI Says Violent Crime Decreased Slightly Last Year.

Tina Fey does Governor Palin on SNL!

Spin on Obama's Foreign policy vs. Bush's.

California union to seek Schwarzenegger recall.

Bush plans to pull 8,000 more troops out of Iraq.

McCain takes the leads in the polls!

Honda bringing back Insight car.

Detroit Mayor Quits, Faces Jail Sentence After 2 Guilty Pleas

Extremely bad news for anti-Bush crowd.

Funny email going around.

Arctic ice 'is at tipping point'.

Attacks start to hit Senator Biden.

Potheads beware: Incense Burning Might Lead To Cancer

US Economy strengthening.

Senator Obama picks Senator Biden as his VP.

McCain gets it from both barrels after "house" mistake.

More than a third of new PC buyers downgrade Vista to XP, survey says.

President Clinton on the energy problem.

Julia Child found to have been WW2 spy.

Bigfoot body found. very happy.

US trade deficit narrows. Bad news for election debates.

Oil prices drop; US dollar rises against Euro.

GM posts $15.5 billion loss.

Anthrax mailings in 2001; SOLVED!

Analysts predicting oil at $100 a barrel. OPEC predicts $78.

President Bush Approves Execution of US Army Soldier

Senator Obama's verbal mistakes not as exciting at Quayle's

Billionaires Back Antismoking Effort.

DNA reliability called to question; FBI tries to suppress information.

Oil prices fall for 3rd straight day on Wall St.

Global Warming helps build some glaciers.

Uranium stockpile found in Iraq?

More support for terroristic activities.

Israel Prodding U.S. To Attack Iran.

NASA scientist: The end of the world is upon us.

Chavez protests EU with oil threat.

Man robs lemonade stand; girl gives chase.

Shower curtains could mean curtains for you, says watchdog group.

A united Democratic Party in the Fall? Don't count on it.

PETA proposes Lobster Empathy Center for Maine jail.

Wall Street being investigated for oil price fixing.

Public WI-FI will soon be legally, "discrimination."

No US recession yet.

Global Warming alarmists not sure what to do with fewer hurricanes.

More voters voting for the wrong reason.

Civil War started in Lebannon.

Obama takes big step ahead in Democratic race.

Al Franken to pay 17 states $70,000 in back taxes.

Al Franken fails to file taxes in CA from 2003-2006.

George McGovern takes a "dig" at John McCain.

Presidential candidate's tax returns.

Congress to Introduce Bill to Protect Blind People From Hybrid Cars.

Graham criticizes Pelosi for Iraq comments.

Comcast Offers 50 Mbps Residential Speeds.

1 in 5 Dems will vote McCain if their candidate doesn't get the nomination.

Scathing, hilarious article from P.J. O'Rourke.

Why are gas prices so high?

Current Solar and other power technologies explored.

Global Warming: 2007 the coldest year this century

GM ready to release lithium-ion powered hybrid cars.

Ukraine gets gas cut because they can't pay the bill.

Bloomberg passes on White House run.

Huckabee almost out, Religious voters not united.

US Anarchists training in LA area High Schools.

Important Terrorist Imad Mughniyah assassinated.

LIES! MSNBC prints Global Warming deceit.

Yahoo!: Either sell to Microsoft, or align with Google.

Italy's president dissolves parliament.

Wal-Mart chops prices 10%- 30%!

Hate Group Plans Protest For Heath Ledger Funeral.

Mommy, why is there a server in the house?

Check out this kewl new AlienWare monitor.

Comedian Mark Malkoff living in an Ikea store.

Clinton, McCain win big in NH.

McGovern: Impeach Bush, Cheney Now.

Huckabee and Obama win big in Iowa.

Happy New Year, 2008!

Al-Qaida plans broken up in Belgium.

Extremely bad news from Iraq.

Vuitton-clad Venezuela minister spouts socialism.

Dem voters speak out on Senator Clinton.

Wikipedia under scrutiny for bias.

UN Climate experts on vacation in Bali at your expense.

Senator Clinton planting questions?

UN looking to embezzle record amount of funds.

Name a Teddy bear; get a public flogging.

A real rescue. All are saved.

Senator Clinton talking turkey in Iowa.

Wall Street Journal’s Web site to be free now!

Global Warming numbers found to be way off.

Hollywood writers go on strike.

China Arrests 774 in Crackdown on Food and Drugs.

Azerbaijan says it thwarted terror plot.

Sharp Drop Seen in US Deaths in Iraq.

Shock burns cable thief beyond recognition.

Afghanistan executes 15 prisoners.

New Orleans corruption cases multiply.

China's rising economy birth pains.

The $29 Million Eco-Home.

The real meaning of "No blood for oil."

Soldiers in Iraq wish politicians would embed with them.

Microwave popcorn will kill you.

Federal District Court and ACLU all over new Patriot Act.

Happy Labor Day, 2007!

Wages Rise in China as Businesses Court the Young

With Troop Rise, Iraqi Detainees Soar in Number.

Immigration activist arrested after year in church.

Jury finds Padilla guilty on terror charges.

Yahoo Beats Google in Customer Report.

U.N. Votes to Expand Role in Iraq.

Van Halen to tour with Roth for 50 concerts.

Heck With Ethics: Murtha Nabs $150 Million in Earmarks.

Wal-Mart on track to cut truck fuel use by 25%.

Disney films to ban depictions of smoking.

New Congressman says President Bush is Hitler.

Stocks soar to record, boosted by retail results.

Congress's approval rating; Lowest ever recorded by Gallop. Ever.

72 year old man beats off robber.

UN's Iraqi gravy train dries up.

Unrest Grows Amid Gas Rationing in Iran.

Scientology Cited in Ban of Cruise Film in Germany.

Mixed reaction to Clinton blaming Iraqis.

Making gas from algae.

Can that Coke, keep cool with a cucumber Pepsi.

Proof: No weapons found in Iraq.

Vermont want to secede the Union!

Congressional Democrats approval at all time low.

More on Ron Paul.

The Smart Car is coming! The Smart Car is coming!

Man buys foreclosed home, finds mummified ex-owner.

Terrorist plot warning announced in Germany.

Wal-Mart Tries Solar Power.

Michael Moore Faces U.S. Investigation.

Colorado University in trouble.

2 important Al Qaeda-linked militants killed in Iraq.

Great news from Iraq. From the NYT??

CBS pulls slur jocks off air for prank call.

Former Russian leader Yeltsin dead.

Train tunnel to link Europe and Africa.

300,000 Turks protest prime minister.

Dead man found in jet's bathroom.

Pelosi Nudges Saudi Arabia to Give Women a Role in Politics.

Busts point to boom in indoor pot farms.

Climatologists Secure Funding To Breed Glaciers In Captivity.

RIAA getting in big trouble in courts.

New study: Only 24% Consider Al Gore Global Warming Expert.

Democrats betraying voters further with Iraq vote.

Global Warming: Moving Towards Metrosexuals.

Pelosi Gets the Crawford Treatment. Protestors camp at her house.

Great news in the War on Terror.

Charging moose brings down hovering helicopter.

Geffen, Clinton were often at odds.

Swiss Accidentally Invade Liechtenstein.

Remote Wrangler straps remotes, gizmos to your noggin.

Clinton, Obama already in feud.

A History Department Bans Citing Wikipedia as a Research Source.

Al Franken is running for the Senate in Minnesota.

Happy President's Day 2007!

Sewage spill causes beach closures.

Diffusing a bomb should wake you up in the morning.

Iraqis arrest high-ranking official with ties to militia.

Finally! The conspiracy truth!

Iraqis blaming new violence on US not sending more troops.

Panel releases Global Warming report. Press pushing fear.

Senator Biden running for President. Verbal abuse already.

Aussie shrink makes patient wear dog collar.

More embarrassment for AP, their Iraq lies exposed on video.

Pelosi again undermining existing Democrats in Congress.

Chinese test missile obliterates satellite.

Global warming bad in West L.A.

Carter Center Board Members Resign Over Palestine Book.

Man's wallet returned after 62 years.

Pelosi's approval rating lower than President Bush's.

"Broken Promises" clock.

Iran's oil production falling apart.

President Ford dies at 93.

More on President Carter's new book.

Democrats are not backing campaign promises already.

Naked Rambler jailed for contempt of court.

Journalism students caught cheating on Ethics class. At Columbia!

Muslims kicked off airline flight.

Mainstream Media digging up dirt on Robert M. Gates.

Janet Reno & Co complaining about Bush administration policies.

Pelosi gets smacked by the Dem majority again!

McCain rallies the Rep troops.

Answers and facts for the War in Iraq.

Dems to give ear to the Left. Screw the voters!

No troop withdrawal from Iraq or Afghanistan yet.

The Absolute Moral Authority card!

Pakistan strikes terrorist training center.

Foxtrot cartoon flexing political muscles.

Inventors claim to turn 300 microwaves into megawatt energy weapon.

School bans tag, other chase games.

Terrible economic news.

More on the 'runaway bride's' run to court.

New book about Cindy Sheehan.

Bin Laden to Zarqawi: We're Not Doing So Well!

Anbar Tribes vs. al-Qaeda.

At Church, an 'ATM for Jesus'.

Fear before Nov. election make Dems bow out of everything controversial.

Bad news for the Dems before November.

Pa. Woman Missing 10 Years Sues City.

Home again, home again, jigaddy jig!

Diebold Voting Machine hacked in four minutes flat.


You're fired! Don't reply to this email.

Iranian President Wants to Purge Profs.

Happy Labor Day!

How dare he demand we tell the truth!!

Canadian military seeks Muslim recruits.

France sends 2,000 soldiers to U.N. peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon.

Pre-Season Collegiate Football rankings.

Oil prices expected to drop $20 a barrel.

Anti-Semitism running rampant now.

More bad news for the Left.

God bless the UN again!

Authorship gets lost on Web.

Researchers make suit to climb walls.

Far Left being destroyed from the State level.

The Left using mass intimidation tactics and spying.

Brigitte Bardot may move to Sweden.

Iran aided Hezbollah in ship attack.

"Dissent" quote not from Jefferson; Left is without hope.

Question war. Buy the magnet to display it.

New York Tunnel Plot Is Uncovered in Early Stage.

It's the 60th anniversary of the bikini.

More great US economy news.

Terrorist wanna-bes arrested.

The Senate turns down minimum wage raise.

Allies are doing what in the War against Terror?

Senator Barack Obama is smelling sweet.

2006 E3 trade show in LA bans scantily clad "booth babes."

Huge Fraud in the Wake of Hurricanes.

Popular Mechanics unveils the new Super Prius.

CNN says Al-Zarqawi was betrayed.

Clinton legacy still lives on.

CD copying and file sharing to be totally illegal.

US troops pulling out of Southern Afghanistan. Or not.

17 Terror Suspects Arrested in Toronto.

Knee-jerkers and their lack of History or evidence.

Cindy Sheehan a useful tool for the Left; until 2008.

Happy Memorial Day, 2006!

Hillary not big yet in Tennesee.

Will someone please kill Microsoft?

Mars rovers still going..and going..and going.

More extremely good news from Iraq.

Popular Mechanics mag debunks all 9/11 conspiracies.

Google big supporter of

Border patrol and the National Guard.

Spinzone Admin ok in Afghanistan.

Iraqi Tribal Leaders Unite & Denounce Terrorism.

New Nintendo looks sweet!

College Liberals are the MOST tolerant; NOT!

Laughter is the best medicine.

Minutemen at the border again. ACLU ain't happy.

Constitutional interpretation and the Supreme Court.

States with the poorest populations; and their philanthropy.

Opinion polls are intimidating.

Richest Cities In The U.S.

Delay's lawyers remove left wing judge from case.

My 11 week old boy, Nicco.

Barbara Bush calls evacuees in TX "better off."

HIV. Cost of prevention vs treatment.

Katrina is President Bush's fault!

"Partnership for a Secure America." Bi-partisan?

Muslim Problem Needs a Muslim Solution.

Senator Durbin's Apology.

Hypocrisy in the Muslim world about the Newsweek article.

More on ThomasMc.

Whoops! Uhhhhh.

Proof of who's richer politically in the US.

Was President Bush right after all?

Secret Bush tapes reveal strategies.

Routers can't get their story correct.

Farewell SpinSanity.

Bias evident in coverage of Iraq war.

Credit card debt among white Americans is from...what?

Syria involved with Iraq terrorists? Never!

Michael Moore changes his story...again.

Marijuana Bale Found in Food Bank Shipment.

Anti-Semitism from the left.

Internet photo of President Bush labeled a$$hole.jpg

Avoid the "wasted vote" syndrome.

General Tommy Franks on Bush, Kerry; War on Terror.

Mystery Surrounds Kerry's Navy Discharge.

Can you say..."Media Bias"?

Dan Rather's ruined ratings.

The deficit: what's true, what's not.

Kerry-"Crime is up."; Justice Dept.-"Crime is down."

More Darfur problems.

More problems for CBS with the forgery.

Brainwashing 101--the movie.

EVIDENCE: the memo from 60 minutes. Forger found out!

Austin Bay is back from Iraq with an article.

Letter written to NYT on lack of Kerry's Christmas in Cambodia.

Kerry’s Bit Of Colored Ribbon.

American combat losses continue at a historically low level.

SwiftVets' fourth ad focuses on medals over the fence.

Tommy Franks endorses President Bush.

Kerry lashes at the SwiftBoat Veteran's huge financial gains.

Marine fresh from Nejev speaks out.

Gay governors don't support gay marriage.

Most 877th members to stay in National Guard .

Is there a pattern here??

Senator Tom Harkin calls VP Cheney a coward. Harkin never in Vietnam!

Burning Coal Is Bad.

Michael Meehan of the Kerry camp responds to the Vietnam stories.

UN peace keeping force keeps people safe-NOT!

Senator Kerry and more "fact" problems.

Kerry's crewmate speaks out.

Great breakdown and explanation of Kerry's questionable war record.

Understanding the Kerry war-record retraction, retraction.

Democrat website speak out against Moore.

Letters from the front in Iraq

Moore singing "American the Beautiful" on Leno?

The DNC and "those great 90s" and President Clinton.

Bad news for Democrats- Part 3

SEIU Chief Says the Democrats Lack Fresh Ideas.

DNC and the Left-Wing Lineup of Liars.

Who really balked at getting Bin Laden in the 90s?

Washington Post bias caught and debunked.

Soldiers in Iraq respond to Andy Rooney's spin.

Sandy Berger in the news.

Sandy Berger's classified wardrobe.

How much worse off are we than in the 1970s?

More proof that Iran helped 9/11 terrorists.

Survey of reporter's political donations.

Latest Box Office Numbers.

2 Americas; the Gullible, and the non-Gullible.

9/11 WTC planes were not passenger planes.

Joe Wilson lied about Iraq getting uranium from Africa.

CDC: Better Safety Needed at Public Hot Tubs.

Inquiry will back intelligence that Iraq sought uranium.

Iranians Building Baghdad Carbombs Apparently Not News.

Militant group threatens death for al-Zarqawi.

Women Reportedly Plowing Naked in Nepal.

Researchers at Yale surprised by liberal bias of media.

The Seismic Underground.

Hillary Clinton Tells Dems "We're going to take things away for the common good.

Saddam and Osama Connection.

New book about Michael Moore.


Gas prices fall for 75th day.

India being hit with coordinated terrorist attacks.

Syria wants nuclear power plants.

Antiwar groups protesting Barack Obama's hawkish Cabinet choices.

Drone kills 5 Al Queda in Pakistan mountains.

Obama Says He Will Do `Whatever It Takes' on Economy.

Oil Falls to 19-Month Low, Gasoline Tumbles, on Demand Outlook.

Pelosi Backs Including Tax Cut in U.S. Stimulus Plan.

Obama in very big trouble already.

Franken, Coleman race heads for recount.

Dems forget about Campaign Finance problems; because it works for them now.

Down to the wire.

Rate of Nuclear Thefts ‘Disturbingly High,’ Monitoring Chief Says.

UN finally getting a positive response from Congo citizens.

OPEC and the oil situation

Oil down as weak demand outweighs OPEC.

Election race in almost dead heat.

Jobless Claims Fell 16, 000 Last Week.

Icelandic Stocks Drop 77% as Trading Resumes After 3-Day Halt.

U.S. Stocks Rally Most Since 1930s on Bank Plan; Dow Gains 936.

Iceland's economy in midst of meltdown.

Rare black rhino dies en route to Oregon Zoo.

Debate is more boring than usual.

EU countries finally understanding the financial strain for Global Warming efforts.

Countrywide to Set Aside $8.4 Billion in Loan Aid.

Frustrated? Go break things at the Smash Shack.

State of Califonia asking for $7 billion from Washington

Screen Actors Guild negotiators call for strike vote.

Biased moderator to run VP debate.

More on Pakistan Tribal Militias Take on Influx of Pro-Taliban Militants.

Charges Dropped in Gas-Passing Case

Oil drops below $100

Global Warming Pollution Increases 3 Percent

Withdrawals by customers ultimately sank WaMu: OTS

House Democrats to Let Ban on Drilling Expire.

Guess what? Clay Aiken is gay.

Greenhouse gas cap-and-trade system starts Thursday.

Governor Palin not used to Washington politics just yet.

North Korea Pledges to Restart Nuclear Reactor

Experts: 'Irrational' behavior drives gas prices more than Ike.

Australia's biggest terror trial ends, 7 found guilty.

Why Feminists Hate Sarah Palin.

Looking for ways to smear Governor Palin.

Governor Palin facts. Debunk the lies!

Senator Obama changes his mind about repealing Bush tax cuts.

U.S. Capitol Police Arrest Man with Explosive.

Obama doesn't want the troops home, either.

Drug commercials may leave the TV airwaves.

More terrorists killed in Afghanistan.

McCain Introduces Alaska Governor Palin as Running Mate.

Afghan battle leaves dozens of suspected Taliban dead.

Number of uninsured decrease in US.

Police: Man plotted to kill wife, cut off her hand.

Crude falls for first day in four as dollar rises

Microsoft may have 2000 developers working on Windows7.

Good news for the US dollar in the future.

Calif. activist gets 4-year term for witness bribe.

Wind turbines across Oregon stir up health scare

6 figure Wall St. jobs going to India.

USDA predicts record US soybean and corn harvests.

Very bad news for Democrats and Bush haters.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn dies at 89.

U.S. Combat Deaths in Iraq Plunge in July

Bus passenger beheaded seat mate, witness says

FCC May Vote On Complaint That Comcast Wrongly Blocking BitTorrent

Turmoil in CA; Is banning plastic bags smart?

Government uncovers oil price manipulation.

Senator Obama under fire from media on Iraq stance.

Obama Scrubs "CIVIL WAR" From His Iraq Webpage!

Papua New Guinea police 'to shoot imitators.'

Cow farts collected in plastic tank for global warming study

Explanation exposed: Current oil prices.

Government to bail out wealthy home owners' loans.

Oil company's solution to the rising fuel price crisis: Um, just don't drive so much.

Americans drive 1.4 billion fewer highway miles.

3 Gas Saving Tips For Arsonists.

New, low cost, solar power on the horizon.

FTC Preparing Antitrust Investigation of Intel.

Clint Eastwood told to Spike Lee 'shut his face' after race comments.

Allied and Iraqi deaths at 4 year low. US Anarchists silent.

Nude maid accused of really cleaning up.

Happy Memorial Day!

Crude Oil Prices 1861 - 2008

John Edwards finally makes his choice: Barack Obama

Stressed Out in India's Tech Capital.

Baghdad clashes 'kill 17 gunmen'.

McCain jokes about reputation for temper.

Head of Al Queda in Somalia killed.

Director's book disputes birth of Jesus.

Obama gives Clinton the middle finger.

Good news for the economy.

U.S. seeing worst food inflation in 17 years.

France may ban promoting extreme thinness.

More Pressing Issues than Global Warming.

Apple Is Now the #1 US Music Retailer.

Anti-Emo Riots Break Out Across Mexico.

Al Franken's latest spin.

Biofuel production killing off the oceans.

Oat husks to fire porridge factory boiler.

Small businesses vs. the economy.

Almost all US drinking water is getting contaminated.

Housing: Best time to buy in four years.

Brett Favre to retire.

Prince back home after Afghanistan stint is cut short.

Michelle Obama not watching what she says.

Ailing Presidente Castro stepping down.

Huge trouble for GM.

6 terrorists to be executed in US.

Cheeseburger in a can?

CNN can't make up their mind.

Pelosi Ignores GOP’s Request for Earmark Moratorium.

It's not about race...Yes it is.

Snow slams China; half million stranded at train station.

New torrent site available. Supposed to be great.

Corpse Wheeled To Store To Cash Check.

Massive U.S. Airstrike Hits Baghdad.

Poll: Vermont Wants Bush, Cheney Impeached.

Musharraf: Bhutto to blame for her assassination.

Energy-saving bulbs 'can cause migraines' warn experts

Iraq violence by the numbers.

Merry Christmas!

More than 100 scientists challenge Ban Ki-Moon and all at Bali.

Human rights violation and denial in Canada.

Disturbingly humorous email.

Nun reels off list of banned curse words.

Smart Car is here!

Glaciers are melting in Bolivia. US to pay for water there.

Global Warming activists ruining Antarctica, critics say.

State of emergency in Lebanon.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Man Hurt Using Shotgun to Loosen Lug Nut.

Hypocrisy from "Green" alarmists.

Wood chips into gas.

Democrats calling for large tax hikes.

Obama finding out "You can't please everyone."

Global Warming caused the fires in California.

Democrats bent on killing US/World relations.

Democrats betraying voters again.

MySpinZone trouble

Mistake costs dishwasher $59,000.

Rapeseed biofuel ‘produces more greenhouse gas than oil or petrol.’

Castrated Man Gets 5 Years in Prison.

Chrysler sets up electric, hybrid vehicle division.

Sunni insurgents side with U.S. against al Qaeda.

Why New York hasn't been attacked again.

The hypocrisy of green celebrities.

Low, baggy pants? You're going to jail, Mister!

Former security guard Richard Jewell dies.

Democrats visiting Iraq come back against troop withdrawal date.

Clinton gets the support of prostitution and the lobby.

Even Senator Biden pulling to Center.

Couple tries to name child " @ "

Horrific predictions made for California.

Tornado and heavy rain hit Brooklyn, NY.

Senator Edwards lays the SMACK to the Clinton legacy.

NYT reports Iraq war is winnable.

More than 50 Taliban killed in battle.

Michael Moore "cuts an runs" from CNN debate about "Sicko."

Sprint Cuts 1,000+ Customers For Excessive Complaining.

3 morons jailed for online terrorist sites in Britain.

Pakistan forces blow holes in mosque’s walls.

More alarmist studies about Global Warming future.

NYT reports on uninsured Americans.

Man ignores "Beware of Alligator" sign. Pays price.

Air Force Hopes to Cut Oil’s Role in Fuel.

Clintons trying to get rid of investments.

Man beaten and stabbed by 7 gay women.

Scientists fearful of glacier in Greenland.

Lou Dobbs is mad as h3!!

Clinton, Edwards, and Obama tugging at Religious voters.

Al Gore tears Diane Sawyer a new one.

16 Cities to Get Financing to 'Go Green'.

Another Iraq withdrawal move thwarted in Senate.

Record tax revenues due to Bush tax cuts.

Official: Radicals wanted to create carnage at Fort Dix.

More betrayal from the new Democrats in Congress.

Democrats Not Backing Down on Iraq.

As expected, President Bush Vetoes Military Spending Bill.

Saudis Arrest 172 Militants in Oil Plot.

Pentagon says it has custody of senior Al Qaeda figure.

Man posts cell number on YouTube, gets 5,000 calls.

Fighting rages in Somali capital as bodies rot in streets.

Study: Global warming may diminish Atlantic hurricane activity.

Katie Couric in trouble for plagiarism.

China overtakes U.S. in exports.

Thailand Bans YouTube.

Chlorine Attack Kills 20 in Iraqi Town.

Keith Richards: 'I snorted my father'.

What is Godwin's Law?

Vonage is going bye-bye.

Ordinary Customers Flagged as Terrorists.


Europeans unhappy with the EU.

Search all President Bush's State of the Unions.

Sunday comic spells out far Left activism.

Ethanol Hypocrites.

NATO (not US) Launches Major Operation in Afghanistan.

Iraqi Troops, Tribesmen Kill 50 Suspected Insurgents.

Edwards: If I Were President I’d Pull 1/3 Of The Troops Out Of Iraq Now.

RIAA lists top 25 universities handing out piracy notices.

More on U.N.'s urgency to take action on asteroid threat.

Far Left all over Moderate Democrats now.

Drunken man catches shark barehanded.

Paraglider survives after soaring to 32,000 feet.

Mayor Nagin of N.O. still in trouble for Katrina acts.

Numbers in on the Google-YouTube deal.

Clinton to Obama: "Mr. President."

Al Qaeda financial facilitator shot dead.

Bush Budget Projects A Surplus by 2012.

Iraq government clamping down on terrorists entering country.

British Police Arrest 9 on Terror Charges.

Main camera on Hubble space telescope shuts down.

Cheap Gas Worries Auto Makers.

Al Qaeda No. 2 mocks new U.S. strategy for Iraq.

Oil prices are falling. Why?

Al-Quada linked terrorist commander killed in the Philippines.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney pushing to 2008.

First Lieutenant Ehren Watada refuses to serve in Iraq.

Have a happy New Year's Eve. Be safe!

"An illegitimate and unconstitutional court."

Watch Your Wallet!

President Clinton's "Civil War."

Suspicion on the Muslims kicked off the flight.

Farts spark emergency landing.

More corrupt than Halliburton?

The plot against small cars.

Enzyte President erecting a huge indictment.

Activists urge boycott of the 'N-word'

The Worst US Newspaper. You voted. Here's the results.

The 2006 Stolen Election.


Soldiers in Iraq worried about losing Sec. Rumfeld.

Qatar takes aggressive new role in Israel-Arab tensions. And in other regions.

They'll see what they want to see.

Innocent story ruined with bias.

Democrats polled are Moonbats as JJ says.

Andy Rooney is going crazy.

Hillary looking worse to the Left; No hopes in 2008.

Europe finally realizes: Fundy Islam is not good.

Legal problems on blogs.

Woodward's "facts" get the scrutiny.

Pay checks for Gates, Ballmer fall short of $1 million.

The end of printed newspapers. And they deny it.

Driving G.M.’s Fuel Cell Prototype.

73 year old man held in alleged machete attack.

Japanese Fret That Quality Is in Decline.

Nobody expects the Virginia inquisition.

The Left and their number game.

Saddam was not a dictator.

China reins in reach of foreign news.

BMW to roll out hydrogen-powered 7 Series in April.

The Left Remembers 9/11.

ABC caves in to the Democrats.

Rice Likens Iraq and Civil War Critics.

No. 2 al-Qaida in Iraq leader arrested.

More Anti-Semitism.

Wal-Mart changes gears with new TV ads.

How We Ended Welfare, Together.

Dutch release passengers detained from Northwest flight.

Muhammad Ali shot dead in India.

The Mainstream Media admits it, finally!

This fella needs a job.

Surf the Web with nothing but brainwaves.

Halliburton losing a contract or two.

Border agents fail to spot fake papers.

Darth Vader calls the Emperor.

Lou Dobbs and CNN a tool of the Right.

Finally a government immigration plan.

P and O Australia to crack down on nudity, public sex.

India relations not good with Pakistan again.

Avril Lavigne married.

Gates and Microsoft foiled again.

Limbaugh Will Not Be Charged Over Viagra.

William Shatner to host Canadian Gaming Awards.

President Bush trying to end Line-Item Veto.

Even more WMDs found. Govt. not inspecting site.

Big cities won’t go after illegals.

China’s environmental problem.

Troops to be used as police in New Orleans again.

New book brings hope to Democrats.

Hard drive replaced; old one ends up in wrong hands.

Karl Rove not indicted. Left has even less to talk about.

Geno's restaurant refuses to serve those who don't speak English.

More and more credit card hacks. BEWARE!

We need more dead soldiers in the papers.

Indonesian Volcano Spews Lava, Hot Clouds.

Michael Moore being sued; Again!

Google has never honored Memorial Day.

Is Katrina really a thorn in the Rep's side for 2008?

Associated Press suppressing facts to bias the news.

Antiwar myths about Iraq, debunked.

Top 10 Most Profitable College Majors.

Congress votes on building a US-Mexico fence.

The Da Vinci Code for Islam?

Immigration is Mexico's disgrace: Mexican leftist candidate

Impeach Bush NOW! Well, if you had a reason to.

General Motors to End Hummer H1 Production.

Pentagon Exploring Border Control Patrols.

Australia foils "terror attack."

The UN trades Food for Sex; Again!

Support the troops; Or not.

Who really listens anyway?

Another blow to the RIAA--how about the truth!

Investigators: No US torture centers in Europe!

Mainstream Media forgets to report on Hasan Akbar.

NYT movie critic prints anti-Semitic hate.

Beatty: "I don't want to run; I want to diss Arnold!"

Ex-Marine back from Iraq on the "2,000th casualty" PR event.

Mary Mapes after CBS and Rathergate.

Supreme Court out of line; needs reform.

LA officials indicted. for mismanagement b4 Katrina.

More spin and Bush bashing.

Gore's TV station to be non-partisan...yeah right!

Theocracy and the US. tBlog.

Should we feel shame?

Google vs Microsoft.

New website look; New baby on the way.

The great prison reform system.

South Park creators diss Michael Moore on Conan O'Brian.

My BuyBlue question posted at the DailyKos.

Even the terrorists are suing Michael Moore.

No more Insurgents in Iraq.

FoxBlocker Forums hacked!

Democrats who want their states to secede the Union.

Rather needs to be fired as well.

UN doing nothing to help with tsunami aid.

Stop Sweating Social Security -- the End Is Not Near.

Michael Moore still can't explain the Dem's loss.

Rather again??

Replacement for Ashcroft.

Dem bloggers look back and analyze the situation.

Myths of the Undecided Voters.

More on Deamay's story: Dems playing hardball by cheating.

The most disturbing poll yet.

Why would CBS run the story with fake docs??

President Bush and the F102.

NYT: Do as we say, not as we do.

HOT HOT HOT! Lefty women protestors!

CBS holding new incriminating document!

A True American Hero Soldier.

1000th death in Iraq means what?

Campaign Finance Reform 60-Day Window Is Here.

Kerry camp says Kerry misspoke about Christmas in Cambodia.

One Last Smear .

Michael Moore says everyone is a Liberal. Are you?

Flyer from Kerry.

Partisan Protesters.

Good news from Afghanistan.

Senator Kerry's web of connections to 527s.

DNC in bed with 527s including!

Kerry caught: looks bad for him. From 1971.

The most terrible left-wing bias.

Kerry files FEC complaint against swift boat group.

Veterans against Senator Kerry.

Author of "Tour of Duty" quiet about discrepancies.


Tommy Frank's new book is #1- yet no press coverage?

The true story of current actions in Najaf.

Kerry's crewmate speaks out.

Kerry campaign threatens to sue TV stations over Swiftboat Vets ad.

More on Kerry's Holiday in Cambodia.

Halliburton to pay SEC fine- Cheney not responsible at all!

The Democratic Leadership Council disses Moore and his lies.

The Kerry Doctrine- War only if we have to.

Fahrenheit scorned by German left-wing press!

Leiberman repudiates Dean too.

Kerry Repudiates Howard Dean.

Bad news for Democrats- Part 2

Bin Laden Brother Disputes Moore Film.

American Film Institute says film too controversial; Fahrenheit, ok.

Scenes from a Boston pizzeria.

Ronstadt gets audience walkout encore, AGAIN!

The Bush administration didn't lie...AGAIN!

NYT blames Bush for Clinton's advisor Berger!

FOX news channel banned in England too.

The Cartoon says it all!

President Bush is related to what high profile politician?

Man Learns He's Dead, Thanks to Blind Ex-Wife.

1st-strike action by U.S. still an option.

Newsweek Editor: Media “Want Kerry to Win.”

Coup d'etat planned to oust Bush and entire admin before elections.

Moore changes look of Fahrenheit 9/11 poster in Europe.

Los Angeles Times Corrects False Statement Regarding Bremer Farewell Speech.

Spider-Man 2 Conspires to Silence Michael Moore.

Bill Clinton to Release Some Papers Early.

How Media Gets Iraq Wrong.

Goodbye Gasoline, Hello Hydrogen, Cars That Is...

An incredible story from Iraq.

Conspiracy: Pentagon 9/11 Plane Was Not Flight 77?

What is a Neo-Conservative anyway?