Who are the richest Americans?


I live in NE PA. Most of the immigrants that came here during the 1800s were coal miners. This whole area is all slag piles and iron-rich brown mine water running into the streams. But it's very depressed, as far as economy. Lookup the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area in any econ type study and it's pretty low on any list. The only places not bad in PA are Philly, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg. No one cares about the rest of the state. I think this is true of other states as well. All of small town America seems to be slowly struggling along.

I found some interesting studies. We'll start with the one from the front page of USA today. The USA Today article is from April 7, 2005. The title is "As housing market booms, more buyers pay $1M-plus." Interesting to me is that I don't personally know anyone who could afford the house or taxes involved in a 7-figure home. According to the article, the states with the most $1 mil homes sold in 2004 were from the states of California, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, and Arizona. And according to Coldwell Bankers' list of the Top 30 States With Most Luxury Home Sales In 2004 By Dollar Value has some interesting numbers as well. The top 12 states are California, Florida, Massachusetts, Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Washington, Hawaii, Arizona, Minnesota, and Maryland.

Now, from what I remember from the 2004 election, these states are full of what party?

So you end up with 2 Red states in the bunch. But it's just the few Republicans in those states that bought the homes, I assume. And that's why some Dems move because the Red states they live in are infested with rich, conservative, Republicans. Maybe I'm wrong.

Now another article in CNN's Money section. From CNN comes more information about the states with the poorest Americans compared to the total population of the state. These are taken from the 2003 census. The top 10 are Mississippi, Louisiana, New Mexico, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, and Oklahoma. One Blue state out of 10.

Another list has the states with the highest population of kids under 18 who are poor. Mississippi, Louisiana, New Mexico, West Virginia, Arkansas, and Texas. All Red states. Looking at this evidence, it is clear that the majority of the rich Americans are currently voting Democrat. It makes one laugh when one considers that Dems are behind such sites as fuH2 and Internet cartoons and shorties showing large SUVs with big oil and Reps involved. Who's fooling whom?

Some more numbers from Forbes' Lifestyle section. Here is a list of the top 10 American cities with the highest median household incomes (the level at which half of the households make more and half less), as measured for 2004 by the U.S. Census Bureau.
Here's the list: San Jose, Calif., Anchorage, Alaska, San Francisco, Calif., Virginia Beach, Va., San Diego, Calif., Anaheim, Calif., Raleigh, N.C., Seattle, Wash., Washington, D.C., and Honolulu, Hawaii.

If you're shocked by those numbers, check out this travesty: According to this article from the CSM, the Catalogue for Philanthropy shows that Mississippi - the nation's poorest in terms of average household income - ranks No. 1 in generosity, followed by Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Hmmm. Red states again. Poor states. That doesn't make sense. Wouldn't extremely rich Americans be the most giving Americans? Apparently not.

By contrast, residents of the nation's richest states appear downright Scrooge-like. Connecticut claims the highest average household income but ranks 44th in terms of percentage of income donated to charity. New Jersey and Massachusetts seem even stingier, ranking 47th and 49th respectively in giving, despite their second- and third-place rankings in income.

What puzzles some researchers is not just the parsimony of the wealthy states, but also the pattern. The same Northeastern "blue" states - those labeled Democratic at election time - have appeared near the bottom of the list in every year since the index began keeping track in 1997. And the same "red" - or Republican - states are always near the top.

Actually, it may have more to do with culture, especially religious habits.
"The reason low-income states give a lot is religion," said George McCully, president of Massachusetts-based Catalogue for Philanthropy. "They are tithing, evangelical Protestants, and they are giving in proportion to their income," he says.

Here's some figures from Mongabay.com. Listing the richest zip codes in the US. It doesn't list what year the figures are from on this page. Other pages here list 2004 as the year. All data is from the IRS. From top to bottom we have the following list:

CONNECTICUT Greenwich 06830 ---CALIFORNIA Beverly Hills 90210 --- ILLINOIS Lake Forest 60045 --- CONNECTICUT Westport 06880
NEW YORK New York 10022 --- ILLINOIS Winnetka 60093 --- NEW JERSEY Summit 07901 --- GEORGIA Atlanta 30327
TEXAS Austin 78746 --- CALIFORNIA Pacific Palisades 90272 --- TEXAS Houston 77024 --- CALIFORNIA Saratoga 95070
NEW YORK New York 10021 --- NEW YORK Scarsdale 10583 --- TEXAS Dallas 75225 11,331 --- TEXAS Dallas 75205 10,982
NEW YORK New York 10028 --- TEXAS Houston 77005 10,883 --- CALIFORNIA Los Altos 94024 --- WASHINGTON Redmond 98053
NEW YORK Bronxville 10708 --- CALIFORNIA Palos Verdes Peninsula 90274 --- NEW YORK New York 10128 --- CONNECTICUT Ridgefield 06877
NEW JERSEY Ridgewood 07450 --- NEW JERSEY Basking Ridge 07920 --- NEW YORK New York 10023 --- CALIFORNIA Los Angeles 90049
ILLINOIS Barrington 60010 --- MARYLAND Potomac 20854 --- ILLINOIS Hinsdale 60521 --- NEW YORK New York 10017

Out of the top 32 cities, 6 are in Red states. Surprising to see Atlanta in there. Although there was a slight boon there preparing for the 1996 Olympics. I didn't know Illinois was such a wealthy area, either.

So the rich seem to be mostly either uncaring, or Democrats, or the far left. Or multiples of the bunch. And a few Republicans. Including my brother-in-law's boss. She's a scrooge. And arrogant. And her family owns the business. What a terrible work environment.

So chances are when you see some rich, arrogant, snob, in a very large SUV, you're not looking at a currently voting Republican.