What Are They Really Saying?


Are you sick and tired of double-speak? Can't figure out what your favorite pundit or analyst is really saying? There are a myriad of sites *cough* storytellers *cough* devoted to interpret for you exactly what President Bush or someone in the administration did, said, or is going to do, say, or is thinking about doing or saying. So I found this link to a site put up during the Clinton admin just to let you know again how imperfect past admins were. After all, they're just men. It's a bit biased considering the admin that was in office, but the same thing is happening during any admin.

It's called the "Liberal to English Dictionary". Here's the print from the link:

The Liberal to English Dictionary "It all depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is." -- Clinton


Ever wonder what the Clintons, the Feinsteins, and the Shumers of this world are really saying? Well, thanks to a fellow freedom lover on CompuServe, Wayne Riddle, you can use this ever handy translation dictionary to figure it out!!! I have formatted it for easy reading.

E-Mail me some suggestions to add to the list.

Liberal Dictionary

LiberalSpeak English

Tax cut

No tax increase

Tax increase

Taxes are last resort

Read my lips

Spending cut

Deficit reduction

Balanced budget

Tax the rich

Deserving poor

Undeserving poor



Corporate welfare

Corporate subsidy

Welfare for the rich



Managed competition

Socially responsible investments

Taxpayer funding for Social responsibility




Right wing extremist




Overheated economy

Trust fund

Special interest groups



Fully fund

Tax increase

Big tax increase

Look out!

Tax increase will be first item on the agenda

Tax increase

Spending increase

Tax increase

Tax and spend increase

Tax anyone with a job

People who vote for liberals

People who work

Corporation with market cap over $500 million

Gross revenue

Gross revenue minus taxes

See 'corporate welfare'

What people have left after taxes

Profit motive

Not losing money

Government takeover

Invest in money-losing ventures that liberals failed to get

Force someone else to pay for it

Generosity with other peoples' money

Agrees with liberal agenda

Does not agree with liberal agenda

See 'closed-minded'

Lock step conformity with liberal agenda

System of checks and balances deliberately designed into the Constitution

Agree with liberal agenda


Ponzi investment scam

Non-liberal groups


Someone who doesn't work because of sloth

Blank check


Here are some special terms directly related to our beloved President Clinton.
We call it "Clintonese".
Clintonese English

I feel your pain

Moral compass


end of big government

family values


reduce Federal employees

responsible cuts


government shutdown





I didn't do it

I did it

You are going to feel the pain of tax increases

Check the latest polls to see where I stand

coerce Republicans into agreeing with Liberal Agenda

increase federal spending and regulations

polls indicate I should say this phrase over and over

give liberals more power

cut the defense budget

spending increases

government worker actually doing what he's paid to do

close the passport office





I did it

I hired someone else to do it for me