What is Godwin's Law?

According to Wikipedia, Godwin's Law is:

As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.

Online discussions are filled with it. It is where the term "Bushitler" comes from. The persons who do this are young, uneducated, knee jerkers. They don't really know what Nazism is or what Hitler did in Germany. All they know is they hate something and it's "Hitler" or "the Nazis" to them. Possibly because they figure Hitler may have done something wrong at one time. And he was a dictator. And certainly they have no rights since President Bush took office. But yet they have the right to speak freely and slander (defame, practice aspersion on) politicians. These are nothing but myths and ad hominem attacks. More on that here.

I once had someone tell me there were similarities between what was seen in the Bush administration and what was read in Mein Kampf. I have not read the book in it's entirety. In what I did read I found nothing relating to American government in any administration. But if one is blinded and filled with hatred, apples do indeed look like oranges. In fact the small synopsis of the book reads,

In Mein Kampf, Hitler makes a biographical account of his life and also describes plans for German-allied countries to rule Europe, along a racist worldview of white supremacy with Aryans as the master race at the top and Jews at the bottom: Germany would re-arm and join Britain and Italy as allies to defeat France and Eastern Europe, eventually overthrowing the Soviet Union to conquer the so-called "twin evils" of Communism and Judaism, giving Germany Lebensraum (living-space) to the east.

Similarities? Ummmm. No. Maybe you have to be a member of the Anarchist group to gain understanding into the similarities. My voting card reads "Independent." Perhaps going to a California University might help....Or carrying a "Blood for Oil" sign at a rally.

Well, what did the Nazis and Hitler do? In a nutshell:

To recap, the Nazi party took over Germany via a violent rigged election, then banned all rival political parties. They systematically shut down all voices of opposition, killing journalists, creating Nazi churches, and exiling academics. While gearing up for a war of conquest, they introduced eugenics into their school system, took all rights away from Jews, and brutalized other non-Germans. For dessert they launched a six-year war that killed millions of people, enslaved millions more, and systematically exterminated entire ethnic groups before retreating to a bunker and demanding their citizens commit mass suicide.

You can't really downplay this stuff or cheapen it through overuse. Think about this another way: You can say your sandwich tastes like a urinal cake. This emphasizes that the sandwich is truly awful, and gives your listener an idea or image of exactly how awful. But you don't lose sight of how bad the urinal cake can be. It's a poisonous sanitary product, and nothing will ever change that.

"Cheapen it through overuse." Like saying, "I think the KKK may have hurt some African Americans in the past." Really?

So if you hear the terms Nazi or Hitler used online, make sure you refer the user to Godwin's law.