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Talking points versus evidence and the facts. The Political Arena Mission Statement.

The Presidential Cabinet and Advisors.

The greatest Senator in our Country's history.

Gun Control? What Gun Control?

Stories and Articles I posted on

Who dragged us into war?

Dr. William Bennett. Truth or Consequence?

The Real 12 Rules of Life.

Al Franken - "Lies"

Start Over

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The President is just one man.

Left wing- Right wing. "All this talk about wings is making me hungry."-an anon. vegan.

We're a Republic. Not a Democracy.

Part 1: Who won the 2000 election?

Part 2:Who won the election? 2000

The truth about Enron.

The truth about Halliburton.

The Patriot Act - Friend or Foe?

Dennis Miller Sezwhat?


Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Bad Spin on Hillary Clinton

What Are They Really Saying?

Donkey&Elephant--History of these symbols in Politics.

Who are the richest Americans?

Heroes of the Far Left.

Who is Thomas Paine?

An Open Letter To
How those that are far-left won't admit that fact. How dissent is one-sided for those on the far-left. And how this site won't print letters that have a different view then their own.

Michael Moore's Folly.
And my letter to Mr. Moore

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Courts vs. The Constitution.

True Patriotism.

What is Godwin's Law?

The Most Corrupt Oil Company.

And you though you hated Pres. Bush!

President Bush's AWOL facts.

What's A Neo-Conservative?

Right-Wing Religious Fanatics.

What is a Theocracy?

Support The Troops-Or Not.

Breaking the Myths!

The New Religion of the Far Left.



Day By DayŠ by Chris Muir.
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Broken Promises.
Time since the Democrats took office, our troops are still in Iraq: