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Cachou Boxes - Embossed

The earliest cachou boxes were embossed brass or cardboard with paper labels, giving way to lithographed on tin.  Most of the embossed brass boxes were from the 1860s to 1880s.  Many featured royalty or heads-of-state.
The Fitch & Cornwell box has an eye making a rebus for Hunky Dori.  It does not have the word CACHOU on the box as do all the others.  This product was produced by this partnership for only one year, 1868.  The origin of the term Hunky-Dori is unknown.  Could it have started with this product?
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Germany, Germania Cachou

Great Britain, R.B. Ede & Co., Cachou Aromatise, London.

New York, Fitch & Cornwell, For the Breath, 1868.

Great Britain, Princess Victoria Cachou Aromatise

Unknown, Washington Cachou & Cardamon Aromatise, bust by KEY

Ireland, L.W. & Co., Imperial Cacous, Dublin

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