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British Dental Tokens

The British series is rich in tokens related to dentistry, many however, are rather elusive.  These tokens began with the barber-surgeons in the 17th century and continue through early engraved tokens, 18th century Condor tokens, 19th century unofficial farthings and 20th century merchant pieces.
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Believed by Bell to be a fantasy token struck for the collector market.

Thomas Chambers practiced in Bolton from 1848-1875, and at the Bark Street address from 1871-1874

Gerrard of Longton near Stoke-on-Trent, a chemist practicing dentistry.

Dixon is listed in trade directories for the period 1846-1851 as a dentist and surgeon dentist

The date of this token has been narrowed down to 1860-1865 from the diesinker's address

Robert Sleigh was listed in the Dentists Register from 1878-1942. He was at this address in 1910

Specializing in Medical and Dental Artefacts.