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Ben Z. Swanson, Jr. - Want List

Encased Postage

Encased postage stamps are a little know hybrid on philately and numismatics.  I do not have all of the pieces on this page. Please contact me if you have dental encased postage for sale. 
Images are not to size.

France, Cabinet Dentaire Americain. Toulon.

France, Savon Dentifrice de Botot.

Germany, Barmer Private Health Insurance Fund, free dental treatment.

Denmark, Max Bruger, Macs Tand Pasta

Reverse of Cabinet Dentaire Americain

France, Dentifrices des RR. PP. Benedictins de Soulac

France, Docteur F. Andre, Dentiers Deluy, Marseille

Reverse of Macs Tand Pasta

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