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Ben Z. Swanson, Jr. - Want List

Shell Cards & Hard Rubber Tokens

Dental tokens can also be brass shell cards and hard rubber or Vulcanite tokens. 
I am also interested in duplicate items as I buy, sell and exchange. 
Images are not to size.

New York, Dr. T.H. Burras, Surgeon Dentist, a Vulcanite hard rubber token.

Ohio, C.M. Kelsey, Dentist, Mt. Vernon. Shell card.

Michigan, Higby & Stearns, Wholesale Druggists, Detroit

Massachusetts, Florence Mfg. Co., Florence. Maker of Pro-Phy-Lac-Tic toothbrush

Reverse of Burras token.

Reverse of C.M. Kelsey shell card.

Reverse of Michigan, Higby & Stearns. Vulcanite rubber token.

Reverse of Florence Mfg. Co. Cenntenial hard rubber token.

Specializing in Medical and Dental Artefacts.