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Ben Z. Swanson, Jr. - Want List

Dental Mirror Cards

It is a push to include these advertising pocket mirrors under tokens, but some are embossed shell cards on one side and a mirror on the other (see home page). 
Images are not to size.

Massachusetts, F.H. Kendrick, D.D.S., Worcester.

Massachusetts, Boston Dental Laboratory Co., Boston

Austria, Ferdinand Fritsch, Perfumer, maker of Hygienic Coca Toothpaste, Vienna

New Jersey, Boston Dentists, W.E. Holt, D.D.S., Newark.

Maryland, Drs V.T. & R.S. Schlosser, Dentists, Hagerstown.

Nebraska, Eureka Chemical Co., maker of Denta-Bleach Paste Tooth Bleach, Omaha

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