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Dental Civil War Store Cards

The more specific term store card is used to distinguish this group of merchant tokens from the patriotic tokens of the same period.  The period of the American Civil War, as of most wars, was a time of uncertainty when gold, silver and even copper coinage was hoarded and thus disappeared from circulation.  Individual merchants were amongst those filling the need for small change with private issues which advertised their businesses.  
The store cards continued until Congress forbade private individuals to issue money in 1864.  An estimated twenty-five million of these private issue tokens were in circulation in the eastern and mid-western states.  Over eight thousand five hundred different store cards have been documented and a number of these were issued by dentists.
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L. Phil. Meredith & J.N. M'Clung, Dentists, at M'Clung's Dental Rooms, Cincinnati, Ohio, Ex Fuld

Teeth Extracted without Pain by B.P. Belknp (sic), once reportrd as being unique, Ex Fuld

Drs. Brown & Dills, Dentists, Piqua, Ohio.

Obverse of the Meredith & M'Clung token depicting dental unstruments and a denture.

A.E. Griffin, Dentist, Marion, Ohio. Ex Fuld

S.F. Snow, Dentist, West Unity, Ohio. Ex Fuld

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