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Friday, October 29 2004
Last Sighting of "The Midnight Manatee"

Turned in the last bit of clinicals documentation, according to which I now have accumulated:

  • 16 pediatric contacts (needed 15);
  • Many, many adult contacts (needed 25);
  • 19 geriatric contacts (of 15);
  • 6 obstetric (of 5);
  • 22 trauma (of 20);
  • 19 psych (of 10);
  • 17 chest pain (of 15);
  • 12 adult respiratory problems (of 10);
  • 8 pediatric respiratory (of 4);
  • 6 syncope (of 5);
  • 18 abdominal (of 10);
  • 10 altered LOCs (of 10)

so that's over with. Fridays now belong to team lead calls...

Thursday, October 28 2004
OPAs For The Masses

Able to attend all of one-half hour of my four hour lab this afternoon due to the impressive side effects of various cold remedies. This must be something I picked up Sunday. Quite bothersome Tuesday, somewhat better Wednesday... should be over it by tomorrow.

Instead, I spent the day finding out where my CPR Instructor card was. I should have received it in February at the latest. Found out AHA did not have any paperwork concerning my first teaching gig. Fortunately, I have copies, so that will be fixed up soon. Also tracked down a faulty potentiometer in a treadmill my wife picked up somewhere, so that's on line.

Oh, yes - received an email suggesting that my transport from Prince William to Fairfax may be coming under QA, no details on that yet, just innuendo and dark rumor. Swell.

Sunday, October 24 2004
What Is This "Sleep" You Speak Of?

Lately, the duties at OWL have been extremely slow. For the past month or two my maximum calls per shift ranged from Zero (!) to four or so. Filling in on another crew last night, I found out where Woodbridge has been hiding all my calls.

1 redirect from Potomac Hospital to Prince William hospital, +30 minutes because PO's CT scanner was offline; later, a patient transfer from PO to Fairfax, same reason - unusual, we never do transfers but rather rely on Lifecare, PTS, Professional Ambulance, or the others.

2 MVCs, one with airbag; a fx radius/ulna from skateboarding, two elderly falls-from-standing, eyeflush for a PWPD suspect's pepper spray, couple or three medical calls, vehicle restocks, stockroom restocks, etc.

Two-car MVC, t-bone, TEN patients from the same car (one flyout).

We were placed in service for the car vs jersey-wall (where multiple 911-callers reported shots fired), and were dispatched away from the suicide in progress to tend a different call...

Now that's what I call a duty night. No sleep, cold pizza eaten a bite at a time between calls, and it's over before you know it.

Friday, October 22 2004
Fifty Laps in the Gene Pool

Here it is, a work in progress. I'm using Blog - Web Log Builder 7.10, freeware, to put this together, so it will be in flux for the next week or so until I get it just right. With that in mind, some of the stuff here won't work yet - e.g. comments - but don't worry, these things are On The List and will be Dealt With Shortly.

Arright. Enough messing with it tonight. Besides, I think I've finished my clinical requirements to test for NREMT-P. Have to make a final count, make copies, get signed off and all that. The only bottleneck now is the fifty lead calls needed. 50. And of course, I'm not the only person who needs calls. Prince William County (P-Willy) has a classload of riders this semester, too. My medics therefore are unavailable to me on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, leaving Tuesdays and Thursdays. M-W, though, I work at Physician's Transport, and I'm way too new to blow off 1/3 of my workdays simply so I can ride along.

Worst case scenario, I do not get my fifty calls - in which case I simply test for NREMT-I in January. In almost every county in Virginia there is nothing a "P" can do which an "I" cannot. I could precept as a medic with an NREMT-I, and from that point on just about every call I got would count towards the fifty.

But I'd rather be a Paramedic. Somehow I get the feeling that when patients see "Intermediate" on your uniform, to them it might as well read "Jr. Trainee".

Thursday, October 21 2004
Bouyant Flotsam in a Sea of Pain - m. cannon

Finished PALS today, for the first time. Traffic contributed to me being about 20 minutes late, but thanks to running around with PTS for the last three weeks I know the area much better and was able to skirt most of it. Funny, people ask "You've lived in Northern Virginia your entire life and don't know [the streets] [the hospitals] [the nursing homes] [etc]?" Yes, certainly I've lived here all this time - but I didn't spend it driving from hospitals to nursing homes, did I?

Anyway, since I came into the EMS field from a lifetime in computers, things perhaps old to most are fresh to me. I thought it was funny, for instance, to hear (from our PALS instructors) that First Responders tend to think of the "ABCs" as "the Ambulance Be Coming"s.

I worked PTS on the 09:00-21:00 shift Monday and Tuesday, ran with OWL Tuesday night, took Wednesday off PTS for PALS, and as stated finished PALS today. I'll be filling in for a friend at OWL for Saturday, so this week's been rather busy.

Wednesday, October 20 2004
Cream Filling for Hollow Victories - m. cannon

Well. Think it's about time to keep track of what it is I do. Makes sense to me as it will serve not only as a reminder/diary/logbook, but doing it online makes it available to my family in case I come in and flop into bed without an update as to "how my day went".


Posted Wednesday, November 03 2004 22:02