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Hopefully, you're here because you're interested in one of my Blender projects. Don't know what Blender is? It's an open source 3D modelling and animation application. Find out all about blender at the Blender 3D site.

You can get help with Blender from the folks at the Blender User Community site. If you interested in contributing—there are a lot of ways to contribute—visit the Blender Developer Community site.

My Blender Projects

First of all, not all of these are currently active projects. If you've seen my home page, you'll know I have way too many active interests, not to mention a family and a job. At any rate, here are the Blender specific projects on which I plan to work at some point. It may take a while though.

3D Battle

This is the working title for a project I had originally planned to complete before the 2004 Blender Conference in Amsterdam held in October. It is a short film project. Since I have never made a Blender film, this project was planned to chronicle my progress.

Based on the fact that I haven't even started it yet, it's unlikely that I'll be able to complete it before the conference. If I find time, I might still give it a go.

BlenderFarm TNG

One of the things not natively built-in to Blender is the ability to render images and animations across distributed systems, also known as a render farm. I've been thinking about how to implement this functionality for long time. I originally signed on to lead the network rendering project at the Blender Developer site. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I didn't have nearly the amount of time to work on this project after I signed up for it, so it never went anywhere.

Since then, a number of different network rendering projects have been started by various people in the community. None of them use the kind of approach I've been thinking about, so this project is my attempt to implement network rendering for Blender. Once I have a working version it will be released into the community as an open source project.

Game Engine

Blender has a great game engine. This project is really my attempt to become proficient in its use as well as possibly extending it.

Motion Capture

There are a couple of efforts within the Blender community to use motion capture (also known as mocap) data to create animation in Blender. I just think this is a cool idea. I currently know very little about using or manipulating mocap data, but that will be half the fun!


One of the best features of the Blender application is the particle system. This project is really just my wanting to become an expert in the use of the particle system. Ultimately, I would like to produce some tools to make using the system easier for generating movie effects like explosions, shockwaves, fire, lightning, etc.


There are a couple of different methods available that allow you to create plants in Blender. One way is using static particles. The other is to use an L-system. My goal is to make it easy to create virtual jungles and forests using Blender.

Video Tutorials

Of all my Blender projects, this is the one upon which I've spent the most time. When I first got involved with Blender (sometime in late 2001), I thought it was a great product. Unfortunately, it was also unlike any other program I had ever used. It has a bit of a learning curve. Not as steep as the commercial packages like Lightwave and Maya, but a learning curve all the same.

There are lots of Blender tutorials scattered all over the 'net, and some of them have even been done as videos. But the video tutorials are few and far between and most of them cover the same ground. I wanted to do something different. Hence this project.

Active Projects

The following projects are currently active:

  • Blender Video Tutorials

You can access the projects via the menus and tabs. If a project has been started, the tab and/or menu will lead you to the project. Otherwise, you will still be looking at this page.